How to sell your own software without any coding knowledge!

Do you want to sell your own software but have no coding experience?

Sounds impossible but it’s actual much easier than you think.

There are several ways to build your software empire…

  • Rebrand (and adjust) existing open source WordPress plugins or themes.
  • Rebrand (and adjust) existing other open source or free to use software.
  • Rebrand (and adjust) existing software with White Label or Private Label rights.
  • Buy the exclusive software rights (and complete business) from the owner.
  • Outsource the software creation process.

Rebrand existing open source WordPress plugins/themes

Probably the easiest and cheapest way to start building your software empire, is to re-brand open source WordPress plugins (or themes).

I can explain you all details, but for an investment of around $10.00 you can get an excellent video training showing you everything you’ll need to know. All steps, from how to find a WordPress plugin that you are free to use, how to rename and rebrand your plugin, and how to update your plugin (after major WordPress updates etc.).

As you know, I almost never promote a product from Warrior+, but this one I can highly recommend. Just click on the image below to see all details.

Plugin Profit Black OPS - Rebrand plugins

My advise, buy it now (while the course price is low). For many, there will be a time when you’ll need to rebrand a plugin. And although it’s not difficult, you can make some mistakes. With this course you can avoid mistakes and properly brand any plugin you want.

And for those of you who want to add some functionality, check out WP Master Developer ($17.00), a Code Editor for WordPress to easily create and update WordPress Plugins, Add-ons, and Themes.

Rebrand existing open source software or apps

Besides WordPress plugins/themes, there are many other software applications with free to use source code.

Apps that you can either just rebrand or add your own functionality to it.

The Profit Windfall

A great and affordable video training (just $9.97) with walk-through where you can find these free sources codes and how to get started, is The Profit Windfall by Patric Chan.

Patric shows 3 case studies of 3 software products he sold and made over 7 figures income from: launched Niche Marketing 2.0, DupliTerminator and CPM BidPro.

Not only will he show all the details about getting the software, but also about how he launched them and how he got visitors to his sales pages.

Plus you will get these 2 amazing bonuses:

Bonus #1: Leverage Authority
In 12 training modules you’ll learn how to build your army of affiliates and get joint venture partners on board to launch your product!

Bonus #2: Automation Marketing Training Program
In this over 7 hours of audio training Sean Mize, a 6-figure internet marketer, shares his secret of generating over $100k in his first year.

Rebrand existing software with White Label or Private Label rights

Instead of open source or free to use source code, you can buy software with White Label or Private Label Rights (PLR).

(These rights allow you to change and rebrand the software as you wish, where software with Resell Rights (or MRR) only allows you to sell the software as it is)

On my review blog, I have a separate page with all the latest software products with resell and/or White Label rights.

Hence, a great start to find software products with White Label rights.

But there are many other products with these rights. Just do you search on Google. Or…

Be more active and search for “older” products on JVZoo or another platform without many sales but of good quality.

You know, there are many solid products on the market right now, where the creators don’t know how to sell it or to attract the “big” affiliates to promote their products.

This is your chance. Reach out to them and try to get the White Label rights or just buy the software from them.

Two great marketplaces are Envato marketplace and Hotscripts, where you can search for scripts and software that you are allowed to use in your own software products or can rebrand under your own name.

Finally, there are many PLR memberships where you can obtain many WordPress plugins.
(At least with Plugin Profit Black OPS, you now know how to easily rebrand them)

And maybe, these plugins do have some shortcomings. But it’s often easier to fix a bug or to add some extra features to an existing plugin than to start from scratch.

Buy the exclusive software rights from the owner

On step further than obtaining white label or resell rights, is to buy the exclusive rights from the owner.

Now, you’ll become the sole and exclusive supplier of the software (without any competitors). Besides getting the source code and exclusive rights, often you’ll buy the “complete business”, including brand name, domain, marketing material, clients and contracts etc.

On sites as you can not only search for domains but for (software or info) products and businesses to buy as well.

Another great source is to look out for expired domains for software products. If the vendor doesn’t renew his domain, he probably stopped selling his software, and who knows… you can buy the software and bring “fresh blood” into the software.

So far all methods of using existing software.

But of course, you can…

Outsource the software creation

There are many market places where you can find quality developers who can fix some bugs, add some features, or create a complete new software program from scratch. To mention a few:

Or you can visit fora where developers hang out.

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