How to create attention grabbing video ads without being a pro in video creation?

We all know that video advertising on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube is often a relative cheap and great way to reach your targeted audience.

But before using video ads, you’re probably wondering about…

  • What’s the best video ad length?
  • How to structure my video ad?
  • How to create attention grabbing videos or video ads?

What’s the best video ad length?

I found a recent article form Andrew Waber on Marketing Land where he analyzed Facebook video ads placed by advertisers in the “Gaming” niche in comparison to “eCommerce” advertisers.

In short, his conclusion was that Gaming advertisers use shorter video ads in comparison to eCommerce advertiser. However, both group of advertisers are using videos with length between 16-20 seconds the most and these videos convert the best as you can see in these two charts below.

Facebook Video Ad Length eCommerce Advertisers

Facebook Video Ad Conversion Rates By Length eCommerce Advertisers

I know this is just one study and only covers two groups of video advertisers on Facebook, but I think the same sort of results can be expected for other markets/niches and for video ads on most social platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Of course, you should always split test. But if you want to start with video ads on social platforms, start with short videos – between 15 – 45 seconds.

(Note: for YouTube video ads it can be beneficial to create video with length less than 30 seconds because you’ll only pay for your ads if the viewer watches the full length of your video or watches at least 30 seconds)

How to structure your video ad?

Especially for short videos, follow the classic AIDA principle:

  • Grab your viewers Attention or Awareness,
  • Keep them Interested,
  • Create a Desire (Want/Need) by showing the main benefit if they…
  • Perform your Call-to-action.

A great example how you can use the AIDA formula in your video ad…

(Note: this is a AdReel template)

Another thing to consider…

At the moment, Facebook is playing your video ads without sound/music in the Newsfeed. Hence, it’s important to grab your viewers attention by not only using animations, but also by using text annotations inside your video (words alone is not enough).


How to create attention grabbing video ads?

Especially if you are not a pro in video creation…

The easiest way to start, if you don’t want to shoot your own videos, is to use done-for-you, fill-in-the-blank video templates.

Depending on the tool you’ll use, you can adjust the template by either adding/changing the text, adding your logo or images, and/or changing/replacing the elements and positions on the canvas.

So don’t worry, if you can drag & drop, copy & paste, and enter text, you can use these tools. You won’t need to create a video yourself!

Yes, no downloads, no separate editing software needed, and everything accessible form the cloud by using any (mobile) device you want with internet connection.

Let’s discuss some of these tools and start with cloud-based apps…

reevio logo

Reevio Video Maker 2.0 (click on the link to read my full review) is a very easy to use web-based application to easily create short highly engaging and high converting videos and video ads for social media and advertising purposes. Just select your video elements out of the 250+ templates.

You can choose out of Logos, Promos, Motion Text, Live Mockups, Slideshows, Whiteboard, or Explainer scenes. Build/rearrange your scene (2000+ video clip assets) the way you want, add your text, video, image(s)/logo, audio track, and hit render.

The easiest way to demonstrate what’s possible, is to watch this demo video…

Viddictive Logo

Viddictive 2.0 (click on the link to read my full review) is another very easy to use web-based application to easily create short highly engaging and high converting videos and video ads for social media and advertising purposes. Just select a template, add your text, image(s)/logo, audio track and hit render. It includes an easy Facebook video ads campaign setup application. Now everyone can create and run video ads in a matter of minutes.

To demonstrate what’s possible, watch this demo video…

A more or less comparable video creator app, is Dropmock Kinetic. Again with some great templates but without the Facebook Video ads campaign setup application.

But there are more options… Start with an URL…

Clipman and VidEntelligence

Both Clipman and VidElligence are cloud-based applications for automated video ad creation. These apps allow you to convert any URL (Product Page with images) into a high-converting stunning video (ad) with just a few clicks.

Read my Clipman vs VidElligence Review to get all the details about these two apps.

And watch Clipman’s teaser video to give you an idea how these apps work.

Videosly Logo

Update: a similar app to create videos out of any URL is Videosly. Now you can spin a single URL – or ANY existing content – into multiple, completely unique videos. Not happy yet? Customize them with your own styling and overlay text, and/or re-arrange the order in which your video screens appear, and add a different message and/or call-to-action to each video.

Main differences between Videosly and Clipman or VidElligence?

Videosly allows you to convert complete blog posts into video, as it subtracts all text content from the source URL, and you can have up to 15 slides. So, Videosly is more text focused where you select your image or video backgrounds, while the other 2 are more product image based with cool effects/transitions/animations between the images and with less text.

AdReel Logo

Another cloud-based application is AdReel. AdReel comes with beautiful high converting animated templates (such as the T-shirt example you saw above). You only have to change the text (based upon the built-in AIDA script), add your own logo, and (for some templates) you can even add your own images to replace the standard mock-up images.

OK, just one more example…


Viddyoze is a cloud based app to easily create all kind of powerful 3D animations, movie filters and transition effects for your videos. Now everyone can create astonishing attention grabbing intro/outro, mockup or overlay videos with just 3 clicks.

Watch this demo video made by the creators to see what’s possible…

With Viddyoze you can also create Live Action Videos, these are “real moving cinematic scene” videos with your animated 3D footage (logo, text, and image) becoming part of the action! To give you an idea…


What all these apps have in common, is that you can create videos with regular 16:9 sizes…

but what about other formats and for other (social media) purposes?


Fusion by DropMock is a 8-in-1 Video Creation App to create: Photo Mock ups, Video Mock Ups, Scene Mock Ups, Social Video Ads, HD Video Commercials, Facebook Video Headers, Live Action Videos, and Vertical Instagram Videos.

Visit the sales page and watch the demo videos to see what kind of videos you can create with Fusion.

So far this selection of the easiest cloud-based tools to create short attention grabbing videos or video ads.

But what about desktop tools?

Flickstr Logo Black

Flickstr is a desktop software (for PC and Mac) that allows you to easily create stunning Live Action videos for all your marketing purposes.

Grab your viewers attention with proven to attract-and-engage video Templates, Background Themes, Background Music Loops, Epic Font Styles, and Special Filtering and Effects. And use the Camera-Shot Timeline Editor, Automated Script Generator, Audio & Voice Recorder, Precision Clip & Trim, and one-click PerfectSync to optimize your videos.

No experience needed, use the built-in library with video footages, music tracks & loops, icons, shapes & elements, or add your own.

Click on the link to read my full review and see the short demo video.


Promoyze is a desktop Video Creator with 100 full Click & Swap video templates. Templates to create fascinating, eye catching full length marketing videos which are designed for maximum conversions.

Watch the teaser video to see what kind of videos you can create…

What if you want to create videos with Avatars or Spokespersons?

Well, I wrote a special article where I discuss 8 applications…

How to use Avatars or Spokespersons inside your video or on your website!

Another way to create animated videos is by buying done-for-you MS PowerPoint templates. You can either buy complete video scenes with all animated characters and backgrounds included, or you can buy separate animated elements that you can combine yourself and use inside your video.

Watch this sales demo video to see what’s possible…



Interested? Click this link Bonuses VIDIBEE v2.

Another great source for PowerPoint templates is Xinemax Video Templates PRO. Just watch this video to see an example:

But there are many more options. On my video resources page, you can find a bunch of animated done-for-you templates, audio and background images.

To create your video, you can use PowerPoint’s built-in video creation option. To use this option, you have to set/select the animation/duration times for each slide. But if you prefer, you can also record your screen while presenting the presentation yourself (no need to set all the duration settings for each slide, just click on the next button while recording).

As most of you already have PowerPoint as part of MS Office, using PowerPoint templates is a great and easy way to create short video ads.

Explaindio Video Creator

If you want more control and more features, and want to invest your time in learning how to use a dedicated desktop video animation creation tool, probably your best choice is Explaindio Video Creator 3.0 (click on the link to read my full review).

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

Besides animated video ads, of course, you can choose for “doodle”, i.e. sketch style videos. My favorite and easy to use tool to create these kind of videos is Easy Sketch Pro 3.0.

EasyVSL 3.0

Finally, to create “good old” Video Sales Letters – you know those text style videos with 1 sentence per slide – I recommend EasyVSL 3.0. Especially because it allows you to easily synchronize your voice over with the corresponding slides (besides fast slide setup with kinetic slides, the beautiful templates, and easy feature to highlight key words).

So, here you have it. All the tools you can use to create attention grabbing videos.

I know so many choices can be overwhelming. Hence my tip…

First analyze what kind of short video you want to create (Animated, Sketch Style, VSL, Slides, Avatar/Spokesperson) and for what purpose (Product Demo, Ad, Story, Sales Video).

You probably know how you want your first video to look like. With that in mind, watch the demo videos on the sales page and try to find out if you can make your first ideal video with the included Templates, Styling options, Animations & Effects, Image/Video Footage etc.

If so, you have a winner. Don’t try to find and buy a video creator that “can do everything”.

You know, the video creation tools on this page, all have really affordable prices.

Think about it, if you can just create one single perfect video…

How much does it cost if you have to buy that video from a professional video creator?

Probably hundreds of dollars.

And yes, all applications on this page have their pros and cons. But are worth your investment if you can create at least one “ideal” video.

So, do yourself a favor. Start with buying just one video creation tool. Create your perfect video and move on to your next project.

Questions? Contact me or leave your reply in the comments below.

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