Double your sales with high converting webinars

5 Hacks to improve your webinar results

Webinars are still the fastest, easiest, and best way to to sell your mid-ticket or high priced products or services. Why?

You can train and educate people and not sell, people love that. You build, Trust, Authority, Credibility, and Establish your self as an expert or thought leader.

Webinars are not only great for making sales, but are also great for product creation, training, affiliate promotions, fulfillment, engaging with your customers, and continuity programs.

So, it makes sense to master successful webinar presenters who are earning millions per year just by doing webinars.

Luckily, Mike Filsaime interviewed 25 of the “Best Webinar Marketers on The Planet” with names as Russell Brunson, Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, Mike Koenigs, Brendon Burchard, Anik Singal, John Assaraf, Eben Pagan, Alex Mandossian, Pam Hendrickson, Jason Fladlien, Ed Dale, Steven Renton, Bill Macintosh, Rich Schefren and 15 other “underground” marketers.

Webinar Control Interviewed Masters

Based on these interviews, Mike created a great new course called Webinar Control.

Inside, you’ll get the short cut on what works without spending 3 months finding and interviewing world experts, and comping all of this information like Mike did.

You can learn only the good stuff without years and expenses that Mike had to endure to learn this while doing it the hard and embarrassing way.

As this is a mid-ticket priced course, the best way to sell this course is (of course) via a webinar.

By watching the replay of his webinar, you’ll not only see exactly how he uses all his learned techniques in practice, but also shows you 5 Laws to increase your webinar conversations.

Each law can easily increase your overall profits by 20% or more. When you apply the 20% increase to all 5 Laws, you’ll at least double your profits!

What are the 5 Laws?

  1. The Law of MAXIMUM Registrations.
  2. The Law of MAXIMUM Show Rate.
  3. The Law of MAXIMUM Stick Rate.
  4. The Law of MAXIMUM High Converting Offers.
  5. The Law of ECHO – How to increase profits with Replays.

If you’ll watch the replay, Mike discusses all these laws and give plenty of tips and examples how to increase your conversions in all these 5 stages.

I won’t summarize all these great tips, but you’ll learn…

  • Why testimonials won’t work on your registration page and what you should do instead.
  • How to setup your Thank You Page after registration and use indoctrination, bribes and a special extra email for maximum show rates.
  • How to structure your webinar and what to do during the webinar to increase engagement, interests and stickiness. Hence, people will stay till the end of your webinar.
  • What to do to overcome objections in a very smart way and other tactics to increase your sales conversion.
  • How to setup your replay page and why you first should do an encore webinar.

So, I highly recommend you to watch the replay of this webinar. It’s the perfect example of how to structure your webinar campaign for the best results and double your sales.

Just by exploring this replay page, you can copy this template for your own replay pages!

And yes, this is a “sales” webinar but with plenty of good (free) quality content that everyone who organizes webinars or who want to start doing webinars should watch.

The actual product Mike promotes is, of course, Webinar Control system. It’s packed with great extra bonuses as you can see in the image below:

Webinar Control Package Deal

(Maybe the last line is a little bad to read, but it says “60 days free access to WebinarJam and EverWebinar” – Read my WebinarJam review)

Oh, and don’t tell this further, I have a secret coupon code “SAVE200” that you can use on the checkout page to get $200.00 off from the already affordable price of $997.00.

However, the moment you open up the replay page, you’ll be “cooked” and the special coupon is only valid for 24 hours!

Did I mention my bonus, if you’ll buy via my affiliate link?

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