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OnyxMail OTO Reviews Coupon Code: There is a front end offer & 6 other OTOs. The 1st is OnyxMail PRO, the 2nd OnyxMail OTO is OnyxMail MAX, the 3rd is OnyxMail CopyWriting, the 4th OnyxMail OTO is OnyxMail  Link Optimizer, the 5th OnyxMail OTO is OnyxMail Agency, the 6th OnyxMail OTO is OnyxMail Reseller. The product is by Ganesh Saha.

Remember! OTOs Don’t Work If You Don’t Have Front End, Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End.

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OnyxMail FE – Coupon Code: ONYXMAIL

OnyxMail OTO 1: OnyxMail PRO 

OnyxMail OTO 2: OnyxMail PRO MAX 

OnyxMail OTO 3: OnyxMail CopyWriting 

OnyxMail OTO 4: OnyxMail Link Optimizer 

OnyxMail OTO 5: OnyxMail Agency

OnyxMail OTO 6: OnyxMail Reseller


Vendor Ganesh Saha
Product OnyxMail
Launch Date 2023-Jan-22
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Niche Email Marketing
Support Effective Response
Discount >>>CLICK HERE TO GRAB IT<<<
Recommended Highly Recommended

Thanks to Ganesh Saha, I get the results I wante


Hey there, If you’re relying on any big corporation for a big part of your income – you should panic I’m talking about being dependent on autoresponders like AweberGetResponse or Mailchimp,

That’s because they’re all infamous for changing rules, banning accounts and wiping out businesses overnight. Traditionally, your autoresponder:

  • Plain out refuses to let you import your list
  • Loses your leads due to archaic processes like double opt-ins
  • Can shut you down at any time they want to

Today is the day OnyxMail is launching – which changes everything. OnyxMail is a cloud-based autoresponder that makes emailing your leads as simple as clicking a button. It even comes with built-in SMTP sending servers so there is nothing else to configure for you (and no other expenses either!)

OnyxMail is Next Generation Autoresponder With In-built SMTP which allows you to send unlimited email to unlimited subscribers on super ultra-fast servers at an unbeatable low one time fee without any restriction with no monthly fee ever!

Plus You Can Send UNLIMITED Emails To UNLIMITED Contacts At A SUPER LOW One-Time Price, With FREE Inbuilt SMTP & FREE 100+ DFY Money Making Email Swipe file templates included.

This is a 100% no-brainer deal for your customers. This is the most unique cloud-based Email Autoresponder with in-built SMTP that has ever been created in the industry.

OnyxMail is the Next-Generation Software that allows you to Send UNLIMITED Emails To UNLIMITED Subscribers For UNLIMITED Profits With ONE Click & No Monthly Fee!

Here’s a glimpse of what you can do with OnyxMail:

  • Send UNLIMITED emails with just one click
  • Add UNLIMITED contacts to your list
  • Segment your leads into UNLIMITED groups
  • NO SMTP required—it’s included for FREE!
  • Run UNLIMITED Campaigns
  • No monthly fees, no limits, and no hidden fees!No restrictions -> direct import and start mailing right away
  • FREE SMTP include
  • One-time fee
  • Better deliverability with dedicated IPs
  • 100% Secure and in your control. Your lists stay with you
  • No opt-in / double opt-in requirements
  • Ultra-fast mailing
  • Go beyond emails with unlimited SMS and Instagram messaging

This Brand-New cloud-based Autoresponder helps you send unlimited Emails To Unlimited Subscribers And Unlimited Lists With No Monthly Fee and No Hidden Charges!

Imagine sending unlimited emails automated at the push of a button and turning it into hundreds and thousands of subscribers being added to your lists within minutes giving you the ability to reach out to the massive audience without breaking a sweat and for free!

Can’t get any better than this… Harness the power of automation to supercharge your email marketing strategy, get 50x higher open rates and send Unlimited Emails with the push of a Button!

  • OnyxMail is better for those who want no limits to their email automation capabilities! Yet for how easy it is to get started, OnyxMail users wind up automating their email marketing in impactful ways.
  • This platform has all the tools you need at your disposal.
  • Plus – this is not an ordinary software that asks you to connect your own SMTP or pay for another service to send emails – it’s a fully-fledged and integrated cloud platform that comes with its own included and preconfigured dedicated SMTP servers & dedicated IPs – we host & configure EVERYTHING for you so you can send unlimited emails through our rock-solid server infrastructure for free!
  • So that all you must do is push send and have your emails delivered instantly to thousands of subscribers at literally ZERO cost to you!

World’s Most Powerful self-hosted & web based email marketing automation software that allows you to get your mails delivered straight to the inbox and boost opt-in rates with no additional effort or expense and gives you the power to have complete control on your email marketing campaigns.

It is a must have tool in your marketing arsenal that comes with a ONE-TIME FEE and that will send all existing money sucking autoresponders back to their nest.

Yeah, that’s completely true as OnyxMail automates your email marketing, From A to Z and make it completely hassle free.

Seriously, there’s NOTHING like this on the market right now. So don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this OnyxMail Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!


Your shortcut to unlimited leads and sales in 3 simple steps:

  • Step #1: Login: Get started instantly by logging-in to their cloud-based platform.
  • Step #2: Create Campaigns: Just upload your list or their in-built optin forms and proceed to create highly profitable email campaigns.
  • Step #3: Make profits: Make profits with those profitable email campaigns you just sent.

All in All, with OnyxMail, you can control and fully automate all your email marketing efforts, get 50x more opens and click throughs, and skyrocket sales and high traffic. OnyxMail comes integrated with best-in-class sending servers and dedicated IP pools for sending emails. This means better deliverability, reaching your subscribers inbox folder with email, and reaching them in fresh new ways your competitors don’t even dream of (like straight to their phones or smart watches!). And remember… “The money is in the list” so the sooner you get started with email marketing the better. If you haven’t built a list yet or haven’t made money from email marketing so far, this is your opportunity to get started with the best possible solution at the best possible price!



OnyxMail is created using such cutting-edge technology that helps you create emails that win – at a push of a button.

  • OnyxMail is a world class AI based email autoresponder That Allows You To send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers straight into the primary inbox – everything fully automated – In Just MINUTES!
  • Savvy marketers use email autoresponders to free up time, make sales, and automate much of their online lead generation and nurturing process. OnyxMail will help you to exactly do that.
  • OnyxMail will simplify the entire email marketing process once and for all in such a way that enables you to focus on making money, and not wasting hours in frustration trying to get delivery rates improved or fighting with autocratic autoresponder companies!


  • Import Unlimited Subscribers without even losing a single email ID

OnyxMail enables you to import unlimited subscribers list and the best part is that you won’t lose even a single ID in the process. So, you can mail freely to your subscribers without any restrictions whatsoever.

Most email marketing service providers charge a hefty fees for importing your lists so stop paying a huge monthly rental just to keep your list even if you don’t mail them.

They also need double optin before allowing to import so you lose anywhere from 20-30% of your subscribers. But with OnyxMail, all that will become a case of the bygone era.

  • Send Unlimited Mails Instantly or Schedule Them for Later

Yes, sky is the limit for mailing with OnyxMail. It allows you to send unlimited emails or newsletters with your own SMTP service and get rid of endless complications of email marketing. Just configure SMTP settings once and forget about it forever.

You can send emails right away or schedule them for later date and time.

  • Generate more potential subscribers with our attractive in-built lead form

Lead forms are the simplest way to generate qualified leads and build a huge base of cash paying customers for your business.

Keeping this in mind, OnyxMail helps you to grab attention of more and more subscribers on your blog, c-commerce sites or WordPress sites with an eye-catchy lead generation form.

All you need to do is: copy one line of code and paste it on your site.

  • Boost email delivery, click and open rate

Opens and clicks give you an accurate idea about how your campaign is performing. Today all the marketers want to get their mails delivered in inbox, clicked and opened on time and that is what OnyxMail made for.

It increases your delivery, click and open rate and gives you full control on your campaigns.

  • Reduce bounce rate

Higher bounce spoils your image and get murky with every bounce. With OnyxMail, you can get rid of all the bounced and spammed mails. OnyxMail automatically remove mails that were counted as bounce and make your list clear without any grunt work.

  • Inbuilt Text & Inline Editor to craft best emails

You can create simple text emails or html emails with our LIVE Inline editor feature to send best emails for maximum engagement. This is all built to attract, capture, nurture and convert your potential prospect.

  • Work Seamlessly with Almost Every SMTP servers

It works great with almost every smtp out there to send your emails fast. It like put your details & you’re good to use it right away. You also can setup your own SMTP within seconds.

  • You also get our Inbuilt SMTP

If you don’t want to buy any SMTP server, don’t worry, it automatically creates an SMTP on your hosting server. Just choose Inbuilt SMTP option & enjoy sending emails completely FREE.

Even you can throttle & set how many emails per hour you want to send according to your hosting company policy.

  • OnyxMail is CAN SPAM compliant

It provide one-click unsubscribe feature that is user-friendly and helps to greatly reduce spam complaints and built your better send reputation.

  • Manage your subscribers hassle-free

OnyxMail offers you the easiest way to find, filter or clean your subscribers in never-ending lists. You can find out a subscriber out of a list of thousands of thousands with just 1 click.

Track duplicate entries and create a backup of your list in no time with OnyxMail.

  • All-in- one self-hosted web based email marketing software

OnyxMail is built on the idea to deliver maximum quality, ease and efficiency. And to make it simpler we made it self-hosted web based platform. You just need to install it and OnyxMail is all yours.

Guys you will be thrilled by numbers of features that are offering to you to make your email marketing simple and fun.

  • Boost sales and increase revenue

Email marketing is taking the word by storm and if you are searching the right way to send best emails to attract more customers, OnyxMail is the best among rest.

You could send a free whitepaper, more information on your products, “subscriber-only” discount, or even personize mails to contend your customers for taking action. Your imagination and creativity really are the only limits and you have endless opportunities to increase your ROI.

  • Personalize your mails to get high opening rates

Now this is something that will really prove to be of great worth for your marketing efforts. Personalization of emails is the best and easiest way to get attention of your subscribers, with OnyxMail, you can personalize your every email to every subscriber to get high open rates.

  • Create long-term relationship with your subscribers with beautiful newsletters

Always try to keep in touch with your subscribers to create a strong relationship with them. You can send newsletters to update them about your products or upcoming launches.

You can redirect them on your blog or website to keep your brand in their mind.

  • 100% newbie friendly and fully automated

Effective email marketing is all about sending right email to right people at right time and our software team has got everything covered and made it no hands software.

With the robust features of OnyxMail, you have the complete freedom to automate your email marketing. The software delivers automated, one-to-one messages across all of your marketing channels and even a newbie can manage his email marketing campaign without any hassle.

  • No monthly fees or additional charges

If you are a newbie and starting out with email marketing, then sending mails can be a costly affair. They charge you like wildfire and you have to provide a heavy monthly fee just to reach out to your email list.

But OnyxMail is hands down the best email marketing software available today that charges no recurring fee and allows you to send unlimited emails with just one click.

  • Designed by Marketers for Marketers

OnyxMail has been built from the ground up to be A-Z marketer-friendly, meaning you can upload your list of subscribers straight into the software with no technical hassles, and get best results without any complications.

  • Step-By-Step Training to Make Everything Easy For You…

Yep, we know software can get complex. And while OnyxMail is DEAD easy to use, we wanted to make 100% sure it’s accessible to everyone and everyone can best results with it. That’s why we did 2 things:

#1 We’ve added in-depth video training for every feature so you can always look at the RIGHT way to do things

#2 We’re also offering 24*7 on-going support so you’re always just a message away from having your problem solved.


  • It gives you a lot of freedom to customize your email marketing automation.
  • There’s a rich set of triggers and actions all managed in a drag-and-drop interface.
  • The interface itself is great at educating users how to automate and fine-tune customer journeys.
  • With templates, preset workflows, and rich tracking capabilities, OnyxMail makes it simple to find what works for your unique subscriber base.
  • Automatically send welcome messages to new customers.
  • No restrictions on number of list imports, email campaigns, subscribers and sending emails with Free SMTP – unlimited email sending credit (Limited time only)
  • OnyxMail gives You Access To 100% Drag & Drop Automation!
  • Best Primary Inbox Delivery In The Industry with spam trap technology
  • Fully Cloud-Based Autoresponder
  • Instantly Import Your List and Start Mailing Within SECONDS!
  • Easy Integration with 3RD service Providers Like SendGrid. Amazon SES, Mailgun, Mailjet etc
  • Perfect For Affiliates, eCom Sellers, Offline…Everyone on this planet!
  • Embed a subscription form to collect subscribers for your campaign and design it as per your brand image.
  • You control your own reputation – They give you your own IP address!
  • Get Rid of Monthly Payments To other generic autoresponders
  • Built-In Drag & Drop Editor Ensures You Create Stunning Emails!
  • Use their DFY stunning and highly engaging Templates Or design Your Own!
  • Auto-Pruning Keeps Your List FRESH And Your Opens HIGH!
  • Deliver every single mail into primary inbox with their Spam Trap Technologies
  • Their Breakthrough Email Builder To Facilitate Building Your Own Templates/Emails From Scratch!
  • One-Time Payment Only…NO Monthly Fees!



  • Fully Next Gen Cloud-Based Autoresponder With Built-In SMTP!
  • 100% Newbie-Friendly, Easy-To-Use Software!
  • Fully-fledged, online business solution!
  • The Ultimate Email Marketing Suite
  • Built-In Drag & Drop Editor Ensures You Create KILLER Emails!
  • Create Email Template with Email template Builder
  • Send Unlimited Emails to Unlimited Subscribers, Unlimited Lists
  • Import Your Unlimited List With No Double Opt-In or Verification
  • Create Unlimited Email Group/ list
  • Send tons of mail in queue
  • Upload email list from CSV
  • Pre-built Templates
  • Reports & Analytics
  • No monthly fees, no limits
  • Get started immediately to make your first dollar online
  • Pay once, profit forever without any restrictions
  • 100% hosted on reliable cloud server & optimized for seamless mobile usage
  • Ready to convert optin forms, guaranteed-to-work email templates
  • Age, Skill & Experience No Bar

Coupon Code: ONYXMAIL


OnyxMail PRO – Coupon Code: ONYXMAIL

Activate All Of Twin-Fusion Technology Features That We Ever Developed, Such As Auto-List Warm Up, DFY Hard Hitting Email Templates, A Full, Unrestrcited & Extended Analytics Dashboard With Class Leading Audience Information & More, All For Sky High Open Rates, Clicks & Sales!

OnyxMail Pro comes loaded with very powerful and useful features of email marketing automation. You set it up once, and it will run by itself. From then on, you magically send triggered emails without lifting a finger.

  • Send Automated Sequences effortlessly – $297 Value! With Pro upgrade, OnyxMail will send emails on your behalf, automatically to people as soon as they sign up! No need to stress for anything. Engage users with tailored emails at the right moment.
  • Advanced Analytics and Tracking – $197 Value! We’re providing in-depth analytical stats for you to understand and track the performance of your campaigns. A/B Split testing of emails is also possible.
  • DFY 100 Premium Email Templates – $297 Value! Our high converting emails are guaranteed for conversions! Just copy paste them and set up yourself for profits.
  • Advanced Email Template Builder – $297 Value! Go live with your campaigns faster with DIY email template builder that includes dozens of pre-built email templates/layouts for you to start on.


OnyxMail PRO MAX – Coupon Code: ONYXMAIL

Unlock Powerful Features Such As: Multi Rotation Dedicated IP Address of your own (Gain 100% Control And Complete Freedom From Us) Email verification API integration (Turn A Technically Complex Task Into 1 Click), white label sending (remove our branding, add yours) in your OnyxMail account and boost your ROI Today.

With this incredible product, you get :-

  • Multi rotation dedicated IP for your email delivery
  • Email verification API integration
  • Commercial License
  • White label sending (user your own send from domain)
  • “Commercial License”


OnyxMail CopyWriting – Coupon Code: ONYXMAIL

With OnyxMail’s copywriting software, You can automatically create beautiful emails proven to convert with just few clicks.

  • Powerful design features: Even if you’re just starting out, you can easily create stunning emails optimized for any device.
  • Predesigned templates: Get out there faster with high-quality email templates designed with you in mind.
  • Revolutionary AI Tech saves thousands of dollars, hours of precious time, and creates HIGH-CONVERTING swipes in MINUTES… without any writer’s block!
  • Cloud-based Software – nothing to install
  • 100% Newbie Friendly app.
  • No technical skills or writing experience needed
  • Over 100+ ‘READY-TO-USE’ Email Templates Included


OnyxMail Link Optimizer – Coupon Code: ONYXMAIL

For The First Time In Autoresponder History, Protect Your Links From Highjacking, Protect Your Link From Spam Traps & Land Even Affiliate Links Into Primary Inbox Using OnyxMail Link Optimizer.

Unlock advanced high end URL management, manage location and targeting of links, add auto retargeting to the links, tracking pixels, Split Test Different Offers To One Audience, Mail 100% Safely.

  • Custom domains and link custom pages
  • Money back guarantee
  • Location and device targeting also enabled
  • Optimize your OnyxMail Account for best open rates and click rates.
  • Full customer Support
  • Password protection features
  • Tracking Pixels
  • High end Link Management Software with powerful features
  • Track opens and Click throughs with advanced analytics


OnyxMail Agency – Coupon Code: ONYXMAIL

Start Your Own Full-Blown Professional Agency Today And Generate Staggering Profits – Everyday With Our 100% Done-For-You Agency Set Up!

Help Clients Get The Same Benefits You Get, 50X Their Open rates, click rates And sales & Get Paid In The Process With Everything DONE FOR YOU!

Its features include:

  • Easy to use Agency Dashboard
  • Agency License features
  • Can create unlimited accounts for Client
  • Manage Users, Add or Delete them as you wish
  • Charge Monthly or One time at your own pricing
  • Free SMTP
  • DFY Website for selling OnyxMail
  • Manage client account from your own Dashboard
  • Start making profit Today!


OnyxMail OTO 6: OnyxMail Reseller – Coupon Code: ONYXMAIL


The Certified Partners Program Is Open For A Few Days Again… And This Time We’re Going ALL IN…

Become A Certified Partner Of OnyxMail & Start Earning $500+ Sales Selling OnyxMail Accounts Earning Directly To Your Paypal/JVZOO Account While We Do ALL The Work For You!

Grab this amazing deal and supercharge your income with This incredible OnyxMail Reselling opportunity!

Your Own Email Marketing Business | Done for you Set-up | Affordable One Time Price For A Limited Time

  • Full 24/7 client support
  • Earn 100% Commissions
  • Use our expert sales material for best conversions
  • Done For You Tech Set-up
  • Incredible A.I powered, cloud based autoresponder that sells like hotcakes
  • Get back investment in just 1 sale


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