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EzClix Instant Buyer Traffic is designed to deliver quality traffic directly to any offer, instantly. We take a co-op approach to secure great value, we leverage & multiply that with our custom viral systems, and then we pass it on to our Members as uncapped daily traffic. We believe that ANYONE building a business online should be prepared to invest a few dollars a month for traffic… and in return we deliver unbeatable value for your investment.

And with our super-generous affiliate program, you can even cover the entire cost of your membership with just a couple of referrals. EzClix is simple to understand, easy to set up, and quick to deliver results. Forget everything you think you know about traffic. Now you can discover how you can activate hands-free, high quality traffic that pays you.

  • No Tedious Busy-Work
  • No Complicated Software
  • No Expensive Price Tag
  • No Diminishing Returns

Just Good, Fast, Affordable Traffic!


  • Step 1. Create Account

This gives you access to submit & update your links, claim your bonus ads, grab your referral link & check your stats.

  • Step 2. Submit Your Link

Enter your offer URL, check it meets our requirements and submit. That’s it! Your traffic will start within minutes.

  • Step 3. Optional Extras

There’s extra tools and unadvertised bonuses you can then explore… all optional but highly recommended.


Most free & instant traffic systems are a suckers game that stop working as soon as you do. Social media & video are great, but they require far more time and effort than anyone will ever tell you up front. And paid traffic is a lottery… it can work, but you never know for sure until after your money is spent.

Manual Traffic

Traffic surfing and email reading both give the illusion of traffic, but most of your visitors are all other sellers, only there because they want traffic to their own offer. There’s value there if you know where to look… but it’s NOT sitting there for hours, mindlessly clicking.

Social & Video

Both of these do work extremely well, once you have the followers. But you only get followers when you’re producing loads of great content. That takes tools, know-how and a whole lot of time. Be wary of anyone who tells you one-click software can create that kind of content or instant results.

Paid Traffic

There’s all kinds of paid traffic options that can all deliver, but you mostly get what you pay for, and good traffic doesn’t come cheap. Your choice is to just chance it and hope it works, or start slow and test it all… and hope you don’t run out of money before you find a winner.

EzAdz utilizes all of these traffic sources, but we do it the right way. We work together as a traffic buying co-op, to access a broad portfolio of premium traffic sources and we recycle and leverage every single visitor to generate maximum value for our members.


  • Custom Viral Systems: We feed a portion of all our visitor traffic into these, especially our paid traffic. These grow our passive traffic and deliver more and more long-term, ongoing traffic as time goes on.
  • Premium Traffic Packages: We split these visitors between your offers and our Viral Systems, where we can recycle & leverage each visit. This lets us grow the system and extract ongoing value from one-time traffic purchases!
  • Login Ads: These let us put your offers infront of Traffic Exchange surfers and Safelist members, BEFORE they drift into that mindless clicking mode. We love these kinds of ads where we know we still have the visitor’s attention.
  • Traffic Rotators: The quality can be a bit hit-and-miss, but our Co-op approach means we can buy enough traffic to make it work! This gives us easy access to a broad audience, so it’s great for promoting our viral systems as well.
  • Banners: They get a bad-rap, but banner traffic is engaged traffic. People choose to click because they want to know more. So we use Banner Traffic to feed the EzClix Viral Systems and our own incentivised rotators.
  • Social Tools: This is another option where you do the work once and the visitors keep on coming, as long as you do it right and stick at it. We haven’t got the time or patience for that though, so we outsource it to the experts!
  • Email Marketing: We capture a lot of leads from our own promos and from our affiliates’ efforts… so we also recycle that traffic to feed the viral components and generate additional page views at every opportunity.
  • Game Theory:  This stuff just works and you’ll see we use it extensively on EzClix to deliver more engaged visitors and extra page views. A lot of traffic sites use these techniques now so whenever we find it done well we always ramp up our ad buy.

That’s just a quick overview. We already have a large and varied portfolio and we’ll be adding new sources constantly to ensure YOU get a steady flow of high-quality visitors to your offers.


  • EzClix Traffic comes from a broad range of sources, so they have an equally broad range of interests. Generally any offers for online marketing, traffic generation and small business tools will work extremely well, but you can easily test and change as required.
  • Affiliate Offers: Add a high converting offer and send instant traffic. It doesn’t get any easier. If you don’t know what to promote, we share our top recurring offers on the inside.
  • Your Own Offers: Long-term you want to create your own products so you can send EzClix traffic and keep 100% of the proceeds. We’ve got ideas for that too.
  • Social & Video: Generate likes and followers for any of your social accounts, quickly and easily. Send visitors to your new videos for fast views & better stats.
  • Viral Traffic: Use your EzClix traffic to prime your own viral traffic systems, for long-term ongoing visitors you can send anywhere you like. We show you how!
  • Downline Builders: Generate signups, traffic, sales & commissions in any number of viral programs that let you leverage your returns with a few referrals.
  • Your Idea Here: Whatever your online business model, if you need more quality visitors coming through your site, EzClix will make it happen!


  • BONUS #1 Free Banner Advertising

Join today we’ll add Banner Slot to your account with uncapped, LIFETIME impressions.

We’ll promote your banners on EzClix and on all our traffic pages, right across the web.

  • BONUS #2 Custom Viral Traffic Page

You’ll also get a personalised Viral Page to promote your own offers plus selected viral traffic sites.

You’ll get leads & sales, plus EzCliz sign-ups, all while building your own independent traffic source.

  • BONUS #3 DFU Affiliate Marketing

Best of all, we’ll promote your page in our rotator to get you TWO EzClix sign-ups.

At that point, your own membership will be fully paid for and everything else is a bonus


FRONT-END: EzClix Instant Traffic Club ($5.9)

EzClix-Instant Traffic-Club.

EzClix lets you tap into dozens of quality traffic sources, instantly, and send those visitors wherever you want. All the traffic you need, always ready to go, wherever and whenever you need it

We’ve kept it simple and lightweight, so right now, while we’re getting started, you can lock-in your EzClix Membership for just $4.90 per month. You can cancel anytime and never pay another dime, but we plan to deliver so much quality traffic that you’ll never want it to stop!

So if you’re ready for traffic that’s simple, fast and effective, and you’re ready to quit the mindless busy-work forever, Claim your EzClix Membership Now and you can have your first visitors arriving in the next few minutes!

OTO Upsell 1: EzClix Triple Traffic Upgrade ($17)
OTO Upsell 2: EzClix Instant Traffic Club – 7 Day Trial ($1)


Are there restrictions on what site I can promote?
Yes there are. We use a lot of different traffic sources that each have their own rules, so we have to be strict to protect our own accounts and keep the traffic flowing for everyone.

Can I change my sites later on?
Yes you can. You can change your sites any time on your Members’ Dashboard and the changes will take effect immediately. You’re always in total control.

Can I use a Rotator?
No you can’t. A number of our best traffic sources specifically ban rotator links, so we check this manually to keep our traffic accounts safe. Extra link slots are available if you want but any rotators detected or reported will be blocked.

Do I have to traffic surf or read emails?
ABOLUTELY NOT! That’s a terrible use of your time. We always recommend you spend your time setting up ONGOING traffic systems that will keep working long after you stop.

Can I promote EzClix as a non-member?
You can but it’s not recommended. All of our best converting promo tools are built into the EzClix system, so Members will get much better results. Check our affiliates page for details.


Hopefully you can see that EzClix is a fast, simple and inexpensive solution for all your traffic needs. Right now we are brand new, so we’ll be adding new traffic sources and developing additional systems as time goes on, to make sure you always get the absolute best possible value. Now that you’re here and you’ve read this all the way through, I’m fairly certain you’re looking for a way to make traffic easier, so I do hope you’ll take the next step, and give EzClix a chance.

For the price of a coffee, can you really afford not to? See you on the inside!


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