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Trendio OTO – Trendio App By Dr.Amit Pareek Review – Trendio Review

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that creates beautiful and traffic pulling websites packed with trendy content from different sources such as youtube for example and tons of other different sources now you’re going to be able to use those for your sites and essentially what these sites are going to be doing they’re going to be pulling traffic with all of this content for example video content these even comes with done for you sites with hot trending content and they load very very fast okay and they’re gonna look a little bit like this as you can see here now before we go into the actual product let me show you the bonuses that i have for you okay so the first bonus that i have for you here let me show you that is this one how i make a full-time income with video which is in i feel congruent to this product and this is how i personally make a full-time income the bonus number two is simple three-click process that makes us 340 dollars and 70 cents per day by exploiting a secret platform this is an entire course that we released not long ago and this shows you real proof case studies everything about how this is actually possible and you’re going to be able to get this if you decide to pick this up from me below in the description the bonus number three is the fastest way to six figure secrets fast also based on my own personal results and i definitely gonna get some killer value and results with these bonuses the bonus number four is 2022 youtube ranking secrets that works and i say that works because this is something that i do personally and it works right now okay so as you can see here all of these bonuses including all the vendor bonuses these are massive and all my bonuses are really exclusive custom made and you’re definitely not going to find them anywhere else now you can click on any of these continue buttons to get access to the actual offer now on top of this Bonuses i have some other cool bonuses exclusive from the actual vendor like this one called compare shop and essentially this is going to help you set up your affiliate sites and essentially in a nutshell this is a software that creates stunning biz rate and shop sale like compare shops loaded with products video reviews and traffic engine in next in the next eight minutes well basically that’s it so that’s one of the bonuses the other bonus is here with this software which is called course over you can create and sell courses on your own branded e-learning marketplace without any tech hassles or prior skills so these two are additional bonuses from the creator that i talked about i talked to him about this and he gave me these special bonuses so as you can see here this is massive now if we go to the headline of the sales page it says it’s time to get over boring content and cash into the latest trending topics in 2022. breakthrough ai technology automatically creates traffic pulling websites packed with trendy content and videos from any keyword in just 60 seconds now you can see more about that in their video here and this is definitely something that every everyone that’s you know want to generate content online that want to generate traffic i think they’re going to be getting tons of value from this because this system is going to start generating okay traffic because of the way they’ve built this and you can see more about the results are more about their sales page and all that stuff different examples and all of that in your own time okay so that being said if Product Walkthrough we go to the product here you can see here this is the dashboard and then here on the left side there’s gonna be the menu we have the dashboard list site automation the traffic section the monetization section the library some stats and some you know help if you need help and you want to understand exactly how to set everything up you can go to this section here where it says video training and they’re going to be video training they even have pdf training but they have training about everything okay very in-depth training about the dashboard the list the site video the article the automation section how to get the traffic the monetization the stats the library the settings the integration settings the social integration and the youtube integration okay so everything here everything here is very well explained now here if we go to list for example here’s going to be all your sites essentially go here and create a new one you integrate this with the autoresponder and then you select the list from your autoresponder the next step is to go to site here and you can if we go to video for example you can pull content from youtube so essentially you want to add that here you’ll have to enter a category a description and then essentially you can do that and what else if we go to article here and we go to category it’s the same basic principle you add a new category and that’s how this works if we go to the get traffic we have the social campaigns here you can add a social campaign here you know basically giving the name the type here video or article you can choose the category and you can select the list and there’s also the seo section here for your site so there’s no different things here basically on these sites that you can customize we have actual website url that you’ll have to configure once you you actually create an account here first of all the meta title description keywords some different things that you want to do then we have article to videos or articles videos pages we have the meta title we have different categories that are as you can see here customizable you can customize this to however you want to have this your feel and basically okay and then we have the monetization section here and you can also add a new campaign here we have different things as you can see here you can choose from the categories and the templates here and as you can see here they have different kind of templates that you can use for creating these sites so if you want to have a look at this one here it’s going to look something like this basically okay i have to name this first actually but you can see you can have a burst eye view of how this is going to look and then we have the library here we have my files you can upload files here from your computer there’s also the stock images section you can search for that here from pixabay and pixels you can see the stats and you can see the results from the videos basically the total videos video shared lead capture we have the location technology some different sets that might be useful for you article report basically stats as well and the social report so it’s a pretty complete set of software but essentially it’s going to be what i just mentioned it’s going to be a software that creates these kind of sites that pulls content from youtube and and different sources and then that traffic is going to start generating traffic okay so that’s essentially how this works now if we talk about the Pricing prices for this the front-end offer let me show you that here the front-end offer is going to be let me see that here they have a couple of options the bundle option is a trendy bundle offer which is the front end offered to the option number four everything included in one is going to be 297 okay so you get the front end up till the upsell number four now the front end version there’s two other options here which is the personal personal version 24.95 the commercial version 37 and you get all of these features which are up to 50 sites businesses you’re going to be able to find the most related content in seconds for any niche and spin it authority size and youtube legally using other people’s videos and profiting from it five color themes you can post it across six social media channels monetize and scale your profits you can directly drive the free traffic generated to your affiliate offer and you can cash basically using monetization networks such as adsense for example or you can also collect you know leads to your autoresponder you can create as many sites as you want and that’s the option number two for 37 dollars which is not a huge difference between the personal or from the personal version and then we have self-optimizing bio-driver funnels using ai analyze links for maximizing generating leads and profits or it generates leaks and profits it’s set and forget system with just one keyword done for you 20 funnel templates 10 lead 8 promo 2 social you get leads into your favorite autoresponder you can also analyze your activities and campaigns you can integrate messenger live chat on your viral sites which is actually pretty cool you get a beautiful side theme create beautiful websites with articles and videos market your content in 50 plus languages in one click you can create seo friendly pages automatically no domain or hosting included because everything’s going to be within their system and server there’s a complete training as i showed you earlier 24 7 customer support commercial license included you can use this for your clients provide high-end demand services so in my opinion i would definitely go for this one here which is the option number two the trendio commercial for 37 dollars it’s not a huge difference between the personal version and of course if you want to get it all then you might want to go for this one here which is the trendio bundle offer which is going to give you the front-end offer to the upsell number four so you’ll have to decide that but that’s about that the lto number one is the option there’s two options as well which is the trend you elite monthly 37 dollars per month or the trend you elite which is option number two which is a one-time payment and it costs 97 in my opinion i will go for the one-time payment versus this monthly payment but that’s just me and then we have the unlimited business websites niches feature within this oto number two you can build authority with your custom domain if you want to do that three times more sources total 30 plus sites for top quality trendy contents you can add unlimited videos and articles to engage maximum audience 10 more premium website color themes you can boost engagement and instantly capture leads from all your visitors as they’re going to be interacting on your article or video page well they also have premium integration with 25 plus platforms advanced and detailed analytics video and article comparison custom video player assets library and basically the price is really good so that about that that’s the option or the option number two the downsell which is the option number one they have the trendieo lite version here let me make this a little bit smaller 47 and the features are four-time business up to 100 business website niches you can build your authority with your own custom domain so you can see there are it’s similar this is similar to the other version but it’s going to be the light version essentially and then we have the o2 number two the option one and two so there’s a monthly payment versus a one-time payment of 97 i personally once again will go for this one-time payment and basically this is a set content creation on automation kind of option automated content publishing you can create unlimited campaigns to drive tons of targeted traffic text sales integration which i find pretty cool because it’s going to help you it’s going to give you access to 1.3 million royalty free images which are not copyrighted but you can directly go to pixels of course but basically this is going to be integrated it’s going to make it seamlessly easy for you okay 70 templates animations on scroll delay time everything banner ads tons of different options here and then we have the oto number three they have two options they have the stranger reseller 100 client license for 47 and they have the reseller unlimited client license for 97 so 97 versus 47 depending on what you want i usually like the unlimited versions and basically this unlimited version has the following features okay so you can sell this to anyone you want and keep 100 of the profits in your pocket on the main product no product no sales page marketing material creation a quick start software base three steps basically very very simple stuff here so Options that’s about that the o2 number four the option number one is a trendy agency 100 client license 47 the second option is the unlimited client license so it’s going to depend on what you want you want to check the prices but the prices are really good this option too cost 67 and basically you get agency licenses serve up to 100 clients and add up to 100 team members and what depends on which version you get the unlimited version of course doesn’t have a cap on that so you want to consider that the option number five is the option they have three options so the dot-com pal premium membership is the monthly deal at 77 per month the option number two is the premium membership three installments 247 dollars the option number three is the premium membership one-time deal and you might want to consider this because it’s just a 697 one-time payment i really like all of these different upgrades because all of those serves a different purpose depending on what you want and what you need but definitely great stuff but essentially with this when you make unlimited profits and you can add unlimited businesses you can create unlimited beautiful mobile friendly and fast loading landing pages you can build unlimited sales funnels customer journey from scratch for any marketing goal you can host and play videos hd videos with no delays and buffering now this one here is huge if you currently are you know paying monthly for hosting hd videos this one is definitely something to have in mind and then we have you can create unlimited personalized notification campaigns with five powerful engagement apps in one solution fully customized small dragon what you see is what you get editor very simple stuff that requires zero designing or tech skills 300 plus battle tested done for you templates to build high converting landing pages funnels pops up pop-ups fast and easy you can store and share business files securely with your clients and team members you can manage leads monitor lead info and timely behavior data to analyze your audience for better results so this is massive guys this is huge and i definitely recommend in my opinion i like all of these different otos but you know it’s going to be depending on what you need what you want but definitely great stuff do you need to get the upgrades to make this or you know to get have use of this offer of course not but essentially if you want to go if you go for the front end i would definitely go for the option number two which is the commercial version just a little bit more than the personal version now if you want to get all these upgrades besides the fifth one the fourth one if it would go about paying each one of those individually would be a lot more so you might want to consider getting this bundle here but you’ll have to check that and decide that don’t forget you’re gonna get all of these custom-made bonuses here these are exclusive to me plus these other very exclusive bonuses as well just click on this button here to get access to this and the bonuses are going to be delivered to you automatically if you need access to me because he didn’t get access to the actual bonuses just scroll down the page here and check this email here i’m gonna be sending and sorting that out for you okay so once again thank you for watching my trendio review and i’ll talk to you soon

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