The Click Engine Review 2023 ⚠️ Full OTO Details + Bonuses – Jeff Aman

The Click Engine Review 2023 ⚠️ Full OTO Details + Bonuses – Jeff Aman

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hello and welcome to this click engine review and demo i want to welcome you to my channel after you finish watching this video come back and take a look around at some of the other videos i have on my site where i show how to make money but let’s jump right in here and what are we going to talk about in this video first just what is the click engine you may have heard of it i heard about it months ago and you know kind of thought about it and then finally uh about five days ago went ahead and started and so we’re going to talk about does it work if you’re going to join you need to know if it works and then also how do you use this to make money okay that’s really what we’re all trying to do we’re online trying to make money and i’m going to show you some proof that this click engine uh system does work so let’s jump right over this is the sales page for the click engine there’s a it’s either a three or four minute video uh very short and to the point and just gives an overview of what it is but essentially it’s like it says here on the slide you get 100 real buyers traffic on autopilot so once you set this up it just runs on its own as you go through it’s 4.90 a month it is a monthly subscription but the cost is very very reasonable we’ll talk a little bit more about that so keep watching and if you click on the yellow banner here on the sales page it’ll open up new tabs where you can see what members of the click engine are promoting now this works best for make money online and biz op type of offers and i’ll show you some examples of those here in a little bit there’s testimonials on the sales page there’s i think seven different bonuses that you can pick up which you may find helpful or not and then some other testimonials okay so it’s very straightforward sales page but this is what it is now after you purchase and and join the click engine you’re going to submit a url for one of your offers and then jeff ammon who runs the click engine is going to add that to a rotator and then what happens is if we go over here every day he sends out an email so this is today’s email basically just says hey welcome we’re excited to have you and then this orange banner this is the rotator link that your offer has been added to and so when you click on this link it’s going to pull up a new offer okay and so here’s an offer and every time you let me just close that out every time you click on this because it’s a rotator it just rotates through and opens up a brand new offer every single time and like it says every time you click a new member’s offer will come up they do put in some special promo codes and things throughout so it’s kind of incentivize you to click another thing that started doing as well is every day in the email you could get one of these member spotlight these one of these three member spotlight banners and and these are people that are active right so it gives you some incentive to be clicking this every day because he can track who is he uses click magic and so he can see who is actually clicking on this how often how frequently and then he can choose to put them in this member spotlight because i think these definitely get clicked on in the email every day i know i click on them and i usually will go through and click this uh many times every day just to see so now let’s talk about so that is what is the click engine that’s what it is you join you put your um offer and get your offer url added to the rotator and then every day an email goes out and people will click and these are buyers these are people that have also bought the click engine instead of they’re clicking on these links now when i first heard about the click engine at first i was a little skeptical you know it says like okay why are people who bought the click engine why are they going to be clicking on other stuff they’re trying to sell their own stuff so why are they going to be clicking on other people’s so that kind of you know in my mind was does it work you know our people are going to be actually clicking on these emails well keep in mind when people are making money online especially if they’re kind of starting out or or trying to get traction they are open to looking at other opportunities other ways that maybe they can make money online maybe something that’s better you know maybe they have something they’re promoting maybe they’re not totally sold on it or they’re struggling for whatever reason and so they’re looking for other things right and so um that that is why it will work okay and that’s why it does work and so let me just show you some proof and so as i mentioned earlier when you join click engine you submit your um offer url to jeff he puts it into clickmagick rotator and then he sends you the your click your click magic links okay so these are my links that are in the rotator and you can see the traffic i’m getting now again i joined um on the 21st my offer you know the first time my offers would have been seen was the 22nd which really is five maybe four or five days ago let’s just say five days okay for easy math and i’ve gotten 17 unique clicks to this offer in five days so i’m getting just over three clicks a day now i know that may not sound like a lot but if you take three clicks a day let’s just go back and do a little math right let’s say if you get three clicks per day for 30 days you know then you’re going to be getting 90 clicks so almost 100 clicks right now i’ve probably really only been in the rotator to be honest four days um it’s again i joined the 21st to get added to the rotator probably 22nd or was first seen in the 22nd and so if you know basically then i’m getting four clicks a day right and so that if we go back and do the math four clicks a day would actually be more uh over 100 be like 120 clicks okay so um it’s actually you know pretty good and i have got a few opt-ins as well you know opt-in rate i can’t say is really great it’s probably about 20 percent but i am getting opt-ins okay and so this is one offer uh this is this offer here and this is the kind of offer you want to have in the click engine as you want something very simple very straightforward you know something to grab their attention a call to action put the email in get the free video and that’s it okay it’s real simple here’s my other one this promotes list infinity which is a great system i’ll put that in the link below in the description box below so you can check it out if you want again it’s got 17 clicks as well now you can also see where these clicks are coming from tier 1 countries tier 2 countries tier 3 countries so a variety of traffic but again 17 clicks a few opt-ins and that’s going to this again very simple landing page you know little scarcity you know a hook you know get 100 build your list um pays you 100 commissions put your email address in it’s very straightforward one page this is what you want okay now again if we go back i think you know we did click on one and i’ll show you another maybe another example here of how you don’t want to do it so this isn’t bad you know it’s pretty straightforward so that’s not a bad one but every once in a while you’ll see things that are really like sales pages right you so this is kinda one you know it’s fairly straightforward but you do have to scroll down and there’s lots of information on here you know way more you want to keep it very simple right people either need to see it and then either take action or or not so really you do want to have i think just some very simple straightforward make money online biz op type of offers build your email list that’s really what click engine is meant for it’s not necessarily to get sales directly but you get sales in the follow-up right and that’s really where the money is it’s in the follow-up so bill use it to build your email list and then have a good follow-up series in place where you can make the sales okay so does it work yes i’m getting clicks i’m probably getting again about 100 or so clicks per month much much cheaper right and that’s the thing about the click engine they’ve kind of um you know positioned themselves in a median point price range right 4.90 per month is really not much you know uh you can swing that you know if you could get 100 clicks for 4.90 that’s pretty good if you go buy a solo ad you’re going to pay around 50 cents per click so to get a hundred clicks you’re gonna pay about fifty dollars for that solo ad well five dollars is much cheaper than fifty dollars to get a hundred clicks so i’d rather you know get my traffic here now it’s obviously much better quality traffic than you’re getting through these free traffic methods if you’re using like traffic exchanges safe lists things like that it’s going to be higher quality traffic maybe not as high quality as if you’re go doing ads solo ads or youtube ads or facebook ads bing ads but much much cheaper because those ads are going to be costing really in the one to two dollar per click range so they’ve kind of positioned themselves in a nice um middle of the road so does it work yes now the other thing you can do is um you know promote it promote it as an affiliate and when people join the click engine you make 50 commission on any sales in the sales funnel and so if you could you know get two people started boom now you’re getting all your traffic for free because your commissions that you earn are paying for your monthly subscription so it can be a money maker not only from you know getting opt-ins on your opt-in page offers and then having a good follow-up email series where you can make sales and money but also by promoting it as an affiliate so that is how you can make money in those two ways build your email list with a nice follow-up series number one and then number two promote it as an affiliate okay and we saw the proof in my click magic accounts that yes i am getting clicks i am getting traffic so if you’re interested at all in the click engine i will have a link in the description box below this video please uh click on that i appreciate that it is my affiliate link and if you found this video helpful i’d appreciate you using it so thanks so much for that and if you liked the video give it a thumbs up thanks so much and i’m trying to grow the channel so if you are willing to subscribe i’ll try to come out with new information that hopefully will help you in your journey to making money online as well thanks so much for watching

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