AI Content Fly Review OTO ⚠️ AIContentFly Upsell Details + Pricing Discount + Login App Software

AI Content Fly Review OTO ⚠️ AIContentFly Upsell Details + Pricing Discount + Login App Software

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hey and welcome back to vid Society in this video I’m going to be talking to you and showing you a demo of this product called AI content fly now I know a lot of you are into AI chat GPT and all that and this new product I’m going to be showing you allows you to be able to create content much easier than just going to chat GPT and typing out what you want because this is a big problem for a lot of people they they don’t know what to type to get the answers that they want and so AI content fly summarizes all that and makes it much easier for you just to point and click add just a few words and then it will create the content that you need so we’re going to jump in it I’m going to show you how it works now as always I’ll put links below this video one of them will take you here to my website where you can learn more about AI content fly you can even pick up a coupon code if you’re interested even though it’s only I think going to be 17 or 18 dollars there is a coupon code where you can save a few more dollars there’s also going to be some upsells all the price pricing and details are on my website and there’s also going to be some bonuses at the bottom of this page just scroll to the bottom and if you happen to buy AI content fly through my page you will get those bonuses in your Warrior Plus account immediately after you purchase so here’s the dashboard inside of AI content fly which records all of your content that you create whether they’re documents images words templates used you can Mark favorite templates it shows you how many words you generated throughout the month now what I want to do is over here on the left hand side we’re mostly going to be looking here in a section called templates because this is the main part of AI content Fly And depending on the upsells you purchase you may or may not have access to a lot of the other things that are over here so let’s go ahead and jump into the templates so this is the core of AI content fly and this is what makes it so beneficial is that if you need something created you can simply come in here and click on anything that’s here and just type a few words and it will be created for you so for example let’s say we are writing a new blog post and we want some blog titles so I can click this and I can select the language here if I want to so you can see all the different languages they have available we’re just going to keep it on English and it says here what is your blog post about so I’m going to add a description here and then under creativity you have some options of low average or high I recommend to keep this on average for the best results but sometimes choosing high can give you a lot more creativity within your post if that’s what you’re looking for then you can choose how many results you want up to five and then the max result length up to 3 000. so what I’m going to do is go ahead and add a description in here and then we’ll get this submitted to see what it gives us okay so all I put in here was in this blog post I’ll be reviewing and giving a demonstration of an AI product called AI content fly now for me when I create blog posts on my website or anywhere else lots of time times I have a hard time coming up with a unique name and title that I can use especially for the SEO title that’s going to pop up in Google to really get people to click on it so I’m anxious to see what it’s going to give us here let’s click on generate text we’re going to give it just a minute here and it should pop up right here you can see it gave us 10 different results unlock the power of AI content creation an in-depth review of AI content fly all of these look really good now the only thing that I would recommend is that if you’re writing a review you want the title plus review to be in it so what you could always do is you could do something say like number two you could do AI content fly type in review and then use that as your title now you can also give your document a name you can add it to different workbooks you have options up here to formatting and you can export as a Word document a PDF a text document you can just straight out copy the text or you can save this document and then down here at the bottom you have the option to under do and the option to redo now if you do a lot of blog Creations you may want to come over here and tick this as a favorite so it shows up as one of your favorites in your dashboard we can jump back over to templates and you can see now this one’s highlighted because it’s a favorite you can see all these different pre-created prompts that you can use maybe you do Google ads or Facebook ads you can create titles for it there paragraph generator summarize pros and cons so this is something that I actually do on my website if you visit my vid Society website you’re going to notice that most of my reviews have pros and cons in them and I get them from using tools like this where they create the pros and cons for me and I add it within my article so one thing you can do with AI content fly is you can use several of these templates to create a massive piece of content and what I mean by that is you can use this one to create a blog title you would simply copy the title you want put it into a Word document or a Google Document or something and then then you could do blog sections so you could have it create blog sections for your article or if you don’t even have any ideas you can do ideas first and then it can create intros for you conclusions for you and all this you can create copy it paste it over to that article and have a huge amount of content to share now if we scroll on down you can see they also have an article generator they have a Content rewriter a paragraph generator now if we scrolling down you can see it even can generate video scripts uh tags a frequently asked questions section this is something else I add on all of my posts clear at the bottom you’ll notice we have this and then a conclusion both of those which can be found here within these templates now the ones down here you can see are purple this is for the pro so if you want to upgrade to the pro you can also get access to all of these templates as well now the prices for all these are going to be on the website now the other thing I want to show you is if you come down here to AI images you can actually create images and this is one I created here here just a little bit ago called Bitcoin it didn’t quite capture what I was wanting it to most of it it did you have your apocalyptic background sort of here but the style that it created wasn’t really what I wanted but that was partly my fault because I didn’t tell it right the type of style I wanted and that’s the thing when you create images with AI you have to be specific with what you want if you want that outcome including the style of the image itself whether it looks like a painting a cartoon a photo and then it will create it more like that so let me just give you another example here I’ll type in something in the description we’ll come down here and choose the size we’ll do a large and then you can choose amount of images we’ll do three this time and let me go ahead and fill this out so let’s see what we get out of this I put in a photograph of a dog walking on the beach with a sailboat in the ocean and we’re going to click generate image I’m going to give it just a minute here and go ahead and pause the video okay so all the images are done here let’s go ahead and open them up and you can see there’s our dog on the Beach ocean and a sailboat let’s look at this one there’s another one and then this one and so you can see how it creates these images based on what you enter in this box and then over here you can download them or you can delete them so overall AI content fly seems like a really decent tool especially for those of you who are into AI but you don’t want to learn the different types of prompts you don’t have time to really get in and mess with it you just want the answers and so that’s what this tool is for you just simply come in here and just fill out just a little bit of information maybe add a couple keywords or something and then it’s going to create the content for you just like that so if you want to learn more about it the link to my website is below this video where you can get the pricing the upsells and even that coupon and some bonuses that’s it for this video If you guys enjoy these types of videos and in-depth reviews of products before you go out and invest in them just to make sure they are actually for you then be sure to subscribe to my channel like this video and I will see you on the next one have a great day

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