Tube Rank Machine by Ankur Shukla Reviews : New 7-in-1 Software Gets You FREE TRAFFIC Using Videos Without Any Manual Work

Tube Rank Machine by Ankur Shukla Review : New 7-in-1 Software Gets You FREE TRAFFIC Using Videos Without Any Manual Work

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Looking for Latest and Best Internet Marketing Product ? Wanna Keep update what’s happening in the IM World? You have came to the right place!

Tube Rank Machine is a Web App. It automatically rank your YouTube videos higher than regular sites even you do not create videos. You will get traffic from 4 essential things:

  • The attractive title of video
  • The description of video
  • Video tags that you add
  • Backlinks to rank everything

Ranking your website in Google can be difficult, especially for newbies. You have to write content, do lots of hard SEO tasks, and deal with the websites, host and other stuff. But that can make you disappointed because, after your effort, your site may not show up on Google. That is the reason why we need a professional agency or some effective tools to help us to do all the hard work.

If you are still looking for a good news, you will feel happy when reading my review. I have experienced Tube Rank Machine for my sites and get the great results. So, I want to share it to you. My Tube Rank Machine Review will give you more details about this product.

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Tube Rank Machine Feature:

  • Software #1: Title Generator – Use this tool to instantly get amazing video titles for your videos
  • Software #2: Description generator – Find and create the perfect video descriptions for your videos
  • Software #3: Tags Generator – Generate 100s of relevant tags for your videos.
  • Software #4: Keyword Generator – Uncover the exact keywords you should rank for and get the most traffic from your videos
  • Software #5: Trending videos finder – It finds the latest trending videos in each country and grab traffic by using the hottest trends
  • Software #6: Video rank checker – It instantly work to check, track and grow your video ranking without any manual work.
  • Software #7: Automatic backlinks builder – Upload your video and then click to build 100s of backlinks for super-fast rankings


Tube Rank Machine Exclusive Bonus:

  • Exclusive BONUS #1 ($299 Value) – 2000 Backlink Credits to Boost Your Videos
  • Exclusive BONUS #2 ($199 Value) – LIVE WEBINAR – Learn The Strategy to Make $10,000/month in PASSIVE Income


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Does TubeRankMachine work with all kinds of videos?
    Yes, it works for any videos you can add to youtube, this is mostly designed to work for Youtube videos as that is the largest video platform out there and automatically gets ranking help from Google all the time.
  • What type of backlinks are these and where are they coming from?
    We have a network of over 5000 wordpress content blogs and these backlinks come from various posts and comments on those blogs. They are medium quality links and range from PR3 to PR0.
  • What are Credits? How many Backlinks can I build?
    1 Credit means 1 Backlinks. With the Unlimited Videos option, you can use all the tools for unlimited video projects and if you run out of link credits you can buy more within the software app itself.
  • Can I see where are my backlinks coming from?
    Yes once you submit a task to build say 100 links, you will get a JOB REPORT that gives you the exact links where you have your backlinks coming from. It completely transparent.
  • Are these Backlinks Safe?
    Yes they are – Backlinks are posted to a network of 5000 niche blogs, all these blogs are 100% safe and many of these have been around for over 3 to 5 years The new links are drip-fed over multiple days, so it looks natural. Many of our customer sites have moved up in rankings since using this.
  • How many Backlinks do you recommend to add to each video?
    In our experience, adding at least 50 to 100 backlinks using Tube Rank machine can often give you decent rankings if the topic or keywords are not too competitive but it highly depends on the niche, keyword and the authority of your site. We cannot guarantee any rankings as a lot of other factors are responsible for ranking.
  • Do you offer training and/or support for this product?
    Absolutely! You will get a detailed video walkthrough showing you every single feature of the software inside the app. And if you have any further question, our support team will be happy to help.
  • Is this hard to use?
    Not at all! Its extremely newbie friendly. We have created the user interface with the end user in mind, so interaction is very straightforward and just needs 3 clicks to have everything up and running.

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