SociTrafficJet by Dr. Amit Pareek Review : Dead-Simple Software That Drives 100% FREE REAL Traffic from RED HOT Facebook, Twitter & Instagram To Any Website in Any Niche In Just Few Clicks

SociTrafficJet by Dr. Amit Pareek Review : Dead-Simple Software That Drives 100% FREE REAL Traffic from RED HOT Facebook, Twitter & Instagram To Any Website in Any Niche In Just Few Clicks

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SociTrafficJet is Best Software To Get 100% Real Unlimited Traffic From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram On Complete AutoPilot, A brand New Cutting Edge1-Click Software That Guarantees 100% Targeted Traffic From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is A brand new, cutting edge1-click idiot proof software that guarantees 100% targeted traffic from 3 biggest social media giants- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram hands free. Now you too can turn your site into a viral social traffic magnet and get an endless cascade of FREE targeted traffic without paying a single penny for it. Follow three simple steps and turn on your traffic machine now. It’s simple, just Insert Keywords, Choose Social Media & Drive Traffic & Money. It is Revealed Dead-Simple Software That Drives 100% FREE REAL Traffic from RED HOT Facebook, Twitter & Instagram To Any Website in Any Niche In Just Few Clicks Proven And Easy 3 Step Technique that drive tons of traffic from Social Media Giants hands FREE. SociTrafficJet is for everyone, No matter what kind of niche you are in, this software can make a significant difference for you, Business, Internet Marketing, Software and Networking, Electronics and Computers, Fun and Entertainment, Knowledge and Education, Jobs and Employment, Individual/Self Enhancement, Health, Sports and Recreation and more. Unleash the POWER of Facebook Groups & Pages, Instagram & Twitter with Just Push of a button and solve the traffic equation, With ZERO technical skills, ZERO Headache and ZERO Grunt Work A PROVEN & 3 Step Technique FREE Viral traffic from Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

SociTrafficJet is 100% Newbie Friendly – Super Simple to use, Brand new system- Absolutely NO Rehashes, Step by Step training make it a cakewalk, Here’re some real results that our users are getting during beta testing by leveraging the proven social media marketing techniques, From 0 traffic to 1100 visitors per DAY by running just one campaign. Got 26K+ visitors in just 10 days, By using this laser targeted traffic, we are building 100-200 leads per day And here’s the proof that the traffic converts like crazy and makes me $500 -$2000 daily by simply promoting JVzoo, Warrior Plus & ClickBank products. You have to choose between 3 options- Single site, three site and unlimited site license. If you opt for the unlimited sites license, you can install this plugin on unlimited sites and drive traffic for all of them. But, if you want to install this plugin on any client site, you must get the developers license that will be offered as an upgrade after you purchase this offer. SociTrafficJet is 100% newbie friendly. We know that there are a lot of technical hassles that most software have, but SociTrafficJet is a cut above the rest and everyone can use it with complete ease. Using SociTrafficJet is as easy as munching into a piece of cake. All you need is to follow 3 steps that we mentioned above, and see the traffic pouring in on your offers. SociTrafficJet runs directly on the WordPress websites and works across all browsers with complete ease and comfort.

Managing social media campaigns was always a painstaking task, and i’m not a fan of it. Even after hours of dedicated work, I couldn’t get enough traffic but with SociTrafficJet its much easier now. Definitely something I’d highly recommend.– Abhi Dwivedi

SociTrafficJet- Cool, super-fast and easy to use plugin. It automates the social media campaigns like never before and gets the results you always aspired for. Love this and would recommend it to everyone willing to drive traffic for their offers.– Cyril Gupta

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SociTrafficJet Features:

  • You can create unlimited campaigns and drive high converting traffic from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
    Getting targeted traffic is the most important criterion for the success of every business. And, without targeted traffic, all your marketing efforts can go down the drain. So, with SociTrafficJet, you have the ultimate power to create unlimited campaigns and drive traffic from to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that ultimately boosts your sales and profits.
  • Promote 1 post or page multiple times with multiple campaigns in parallel to get more eyeballs so see your social posts
    This is something that will literally take the industry by the storm. Do you want to get more traffic to each of your posts from multiple niches? Well guys, that’s not a problem anymore. SociTrafficJet allows you to promote posts/pages across multiple campaigns at the same time so you get double or even triple targeting & traffic.
  • Find high potential Facebook groups and pages with traffic finder
    We all know that Facebook is filled with oceans of traffic. But, how to tap into that traffic remains an unsolved mystery for countless marketers. Now, you can breathe easy as with this unique innovative feature, you can easily search Facebook pages and groups that have the maximum potential, and drive hordes of traffic for your offers.
  • Get accurate reports and logs for all your campaigns
    For any kind of traffic campaigns, tracking & logs are of prime importance. SociTrafficJet provides accurate analytics for every action and helps you to evaluate what’s going on with your campaigns and how they are performing at any given time period. So, you can find out what was shared and where you are getting traffic from along with a success link. Also, find out which campaign is pending or scheduled, and much more… you’ll have full control over your automations.
  • Make campaign scheduling easy with scheduler
    They know that it’s very important to send the campaigns at the right moment. So, their in-built scheduler enables you to schedule your posts and not worry about sharing them at specified time.
  • Preview and edit all your social posts
    Now this is something that will really prove to be of great worth for your marketing efforts. Imagine having the power to preview any/all your posts before they actually go live. Now, you can instantly preview your social posts and customize them to get best possible results from your traffic campaigns. You can edit your social posts, change the image or make any other change in order to ensure that your posts look visually appealing and give you more clicks and traffic.
  • Generate a tsunami of free targeted lifetime buyers in any niche without investing in ads
    That’s completely true. Now you don’t need to invest in paid ads and remain at their mercy for getting traffic. With SociTrafficJet, you can get 100% Real traffic from around the globe – from USA, UK, Australia, Canada or India. And the best part is, all this traffic can be used in any way you want for your business. So, you don’t need to spare a thought about any kind of advertising, PPC, PPV or any other kind of paid traffic methods.
  • Boost engagement and viewership for your social post in 1 click
    SociTrafficJet has been custom designed to give you best results for your marketing efforts. With its immense power, you can boost engagement and viewership for your posts in a simple and easy manner. All you need to do is just press a button, and SociTrafficJet will share posts on your behalf, and you get traffic without any technical hassles. Ultimately, you can grab more eye balls for your posts that would lead to a drastic increase in your visitors, and ultimately boost sales and profits hands down.
  • Get unlimited visitors, leads and sales on complete autopilot
    SociTrafficJet is a truly tried and tested system that works completely on autopilot –all you have to do is just set it up, press one button and that’s all. The software works completely in the background and you can keep working on your site as normal. In just a few days you can get 1000s of real visitors on compete autopilot. All you need to do is just sit back and see your profits grow by leaps and bounds.
  • 100% automated easy to profits system
    That feels something big, but this is a reality with SociTrafficJet. Now, you don’t have to turn your hair grey about getting traffic to your site every single day. All you need to do is activate your campaign, and our software will keep on working continuously and get you traffic in any niche you want in a hands down manner.
  • Very easy and intuitive dashboard to manage everything
    You also can manage your campaigns right inside dashboard. It’s again very easy process to add, delete or edit a campaign. Our sleek and beautiful interface has a deep focus on providing a great user experience for you. Easy campaign adding, editing that even grandma can use it. Much much more is waiting inside…You need to feel it for yourself.
  • Step-by-Step training to make everything easy for you
    Yep, we all know software can get complex. And while SociTrafficJet is DEAD easy to use, they wanted to make 100% sure it’s accessible to everyone and everyone can make money with it. That’s why they did 2 things:
    – 1 they’ve added in-depth video training for every feature so you can always look at the RIGHT way to do things
    – 2 they’re also offering 24/7 on-going premium support so you’re always just a message away from having your problem solved


SociTrafficJet Benefits:

  • Make campaign scheduling easy with scheduler
  • Preview and edit all your social posts
  • Boost engagement and viewership for your social posts in 1 click
  • Operates hands-free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Simple step-by-step training to make everything easy
  • SUPER easy interface that even Grandma can use it and lastly
  • No monthly payment, grab it for just a ONE TIME PAYMENT
  • Get tons of targeted traffic from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Drive unlimited social traffic that converts like crazy in all niches
  • Find high potential Facebook groups and pages with traffic finder
  • Promote 1 post or page multiple times with multiple campaigns in parallel

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SociTrafficJet More Benefits:

  • Get FREE traffic along with MAXIMUM visitor engagement
  • Give a lavish lifestyle to your family and enjoy with them without sparing a thought for your bank account
  • Use social media giants Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for driving targeted traffic
  • Drive 1000’s of high paying customers to your sites quickly
  • Open flood gates to oceans of buy-ready traffic that’s ripe for the taking
  • Make bucket loads of money by tapping into widely scattered social media users
  • Turn your site into a viral social traffic magnet
  • Drive tons of targeted traffic on demand to any offer in any niche
  • Add new traffic campaigns in no time and see profits growing by leaps and bounds
  • Use a 100% newbie friendly system to take your business to the next level
  • No need to share any profits, keep 100% money in your wallets
  • Drive high converting social media traffic that’s ripe for the taking
  • Reap the most out of tons of thousands of social media visitors
  • Stand out from 1000’s of marketers and take the lion’s share of the profit
  • Effortlessly get traffic for your offers, and ramp up your affiliate commissions fast
  • Carve a distinct entity for yourself and establish yourself as an authority


SociTrafficJet Simple Steps:

  • Step #1: Insert Keywords
    First, put a keyword in our software to find all the related posts or offers in your website. You just select the blog posts or insert URL where you need to get traffic to, and let our software do the magic.
  • Step #2: Choose Social Media
    Now, select Facebook groups, pages and timelines where you want to share your post to drive hordes of targeted traffic for your offers, and you are almost done.
  • Step #3: Enjoy Traffic and Profits
    Now the action begins, SociTrafficJet gets into active mode and attracts real people in any niche in a complete automated manner, and you sit back and watch profits grow leaps and bounds.


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