Zairp Review 2023 ⚠️ Full OTO Details + Bundle Deal + Bonuses

Zairp Review 2023 ⚠️ Full OTO Details + Bundle Deal + Bonuses

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FE : Zairp Agency 50

Zairp OTO #1 : Zairp Agency 50+

Zairp OTO #2 : Zairp + DFY Authority 50

Zairp OTO #3 : Zairp + SyndBuddy 2.0

Zairp OTO #4 : Zairp + Stoodaio Agency 50

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in this zip review i’m going to be showing you software that’s going to write optimize post and rank your content for all of your different websites for any niche worldwide get you 100 free traffic they even have real proof of actually using this software and getting results with it isn’t that a breath of fresh air i’m going to be showing you what this is and of course but this isn’t and make sure you stay until the end of this review is i’m also going to show you all the different otos and upgrades so you know exactly what you’re getting into if you decide to purchase if you’re new to my channel my name is mike thomas i’m a seven-figure affiliate marketer i do these reviews every single day so that you can get the best deals on upcoming software and courses if at any point during this review you want to check out desire go ahead and click that link below also please like this video it really helps out my youtube channel and i appreciate it and make sure you hit that subscribe button and bell notification last thing before we jump Sales Page in here i just want to show you my bonus page i’ve got a ton of extra bonuses for you that you’re going to be getting if you purchase this through my link all these bonuses will be waiting for you right inside of jvzoo after you purchase through my link okay let’s take a look at the sales page together it says ready to tap into some never-before-seen automation and real artificial intelligence to skyrocket your traffic leads and profit new ai web app will write optimize post and rank content for all your sites or client sites for any niche and or location worldwide so essentially what the software does is it has done for you content that’s going to create for you it will even write your content for you in 25 of the most popular languages totally hands-free optimization it adds in relevant images and videos hands-free posting it syndicates it out there pretty much everything is all done for you so you can create these sites in order not to create amazing content but in order to rank your other content in order to get free traffic etc so you can log into your your site here you import your keywords here import the location or the keywords you want to target and then you import your con input your content settings so that your ai knows what to write and how to optimize for it then you activate automatic syndication so uh for your content out to 25 high authority sites here and you just set it up uh automated posting and hit the start button and it’s already done for you the cool part here is they i already have results for this so if you check on the sales page here you can actually see some real case study of them ranking with this drone repair miami ranking the first spot here for that drone repair enables ranking here right at the top now they’ve got more first page ranking here with just testing this out and seeing if they could rank with it and they can and again you can use this for getting uh ranking your your client sites you can do it for yourself you can show people that you can get results for them and then rank them local businesses whatever you want to do with this software it’s up to you how to do that and it’s from joshua zamora who’s a friend of mine who i highly respect and he puts out really good stuff if you’ve ever bought stuff from joshua before if you’ve ever dealt with him a really nice guy he puts out quality stuff and he backs it up fully here so this says all this stuff you can look at on the sales page uh you can obviously you can do it yourself you can outsource it you can find relevant images you can do all the other stuff here and pay hundreds of dollars for it or you can let this software do it for you so i’m going to scroll down here there’s two different options here there’s a light and an agency one here with the agency one you get 25 ai writer credits it’s one credit per article so it is a credit system but hold on there’s an upgrade that will give you more uh 20 sites allowed 50 projects a number of posts for projects 100 post schedule settings 14 days uh and you can get this for a one-time price and of course there’s gonna be some upgrades i’ll show you those in a second but first i’m gonna show you a video explaining this a little bit more then i’ll be back to show you the back end area and the upgrades hey guys josh zamora here and if you’re watching this video then you are looking for the live demo of my new artificially intelligent web app that will write optimize post and rank content for all your sites or your client sites for any niche and any location worldwide yes you heard that correctly we have brought seo into the year 2022 and we’ve blended the perfect amount of artificial intelligence with automation to fully automate every single step of the seo process and you’re going to be able to see exactly how we’ve done that on this live demo session we have once again made seo easy profitable and fun again while having artificial intelligence and automation do everything for you literally all you have to do is tell our platform what you want it to do for you and it will go out there and rank your sites or your client sites for you so get ready get excited and be ready to see real artificial intelligence blended with powerful automation to automate the entire seo process and we all know that getting free traffic from google is still the best kind of traffic that you can get there’s nothing else out there that converts better than search engine traffic and i’m going to show you exactly how you can get as much search engine traffic as you like using our new platforms all right guys josh here and Case Study let’s go ahead and jump into this case study demo video so i can show you just how powerful zerp is and how we’ve truly automated every single step of the seo process by putting together the perfect blend of artificial intelligence and automation so that you can get as much traffic as you’d like from the search engines and i’m also going to walk you through some of the rankings that i’ve been able to get with a website that can easily be considered a dummy site all right it’s one of the ugliest sites that i’ve ever put together i probably put about five minutes worth of effort into putting this site together and then i just deployed our platform on it and it’s been getting page one rankings ever since uh so let me go ahead and jump into that first before i show you the demo video and if i come over here this is a incognito tab and this is in the drone repair niche and like i said this is a very ugly site it’s a black and white site there’s no logo on it there’s no monetization on it i pretty much set it up to be a dummy site a test site pretty much uh so when you go to it you’re gonna see that it’s very ugly very plain and even with that it’s still getting page one rankings even the content that’s posted on there is very basic and that’s one thing that i do want to be honest with uh the content on this site was not written by zurp it was just it’s a one piece of content that i had written a while ago that was on my hard drive and i took that piece of content and i spun it and i’ve been getting page one rankings with that one piece of content over and over and over and over again okay um so if you go to google and you do drone repair miami you’ll see that my site is ranking right here in the middle of the page if we go drone repair coral gables my site is right here on the top drone repair coconut grove which is another city down here in miami you’ll see my uh site here uh drone repair orlando which is about 300 miles away from miami which is where disney is located you’ll see that my site is here right here in the middle as well uh and if i do drone repair miami gardens this is another city in miami towards the northern part of miami you’ll see that my site is ranking right here and i’m also dominating for just about every zip code in miami because zerp allows you to do that as well as allows it allows you to target by keyword or and or you can also target by location and we have the biggest global database built into zurp so that you can truly get page one rankings for anywhere in the world and i’ll show you that once we jump into the demo video but here is drone repair 33155 which is one of the zip codes here in miami you’ll see my site here uh 33143 my site here at the top three three one three three another zip code here here at the top and again i’m ranking for every single zip code with this ugly demo site that only took me pretty much five minutes of effort to put together and then zerp took it from there and has done all the rest of it for me okay so if i come back in here into zurp i’ll show you exactly how it works and you’ll see here i also just created a new campaign to start targeting the tampa area in florida as well with this site so that i can start getting page one rankings for every city in the state of florida that is uh the ultimate goal for this site and then most likely going to ultimately probably try and flip this site uh since again it’s an ugly site i’m going to flip it to someone that’s going to put more effort into it actually turn it into a real site but besides that let me jump into this demo video and i’m going to show you how quickly and how simple it is to come in here and get this set up so the first thing you’re going to do is pretty much Setup plug in your site this literally takes under a minute literally you just put your url your username and your password and you add the site to our platform you also want to install our plugin which again will take you no more than a couple minutes to download and install it on your site once you have that done you come here to the projects tab you click add new project here you name this so i’ll do drone repair naples and we’ll go ahead and create a campaign for the naples city in florida i’ll click next you select the sites that you want this project to be deployed on uh you can choose to for us to customize your site settings as well if it’s a new site that you just set up you will want to click yes this will install a theme install vital wordpress plugins it will activate seo friendly urls all of that stuff so if it’s a new site you do want to put yes if it’s an existing site or an existing client site just leave it at no if you already have done that click next and then here uh zurp will also create multiple authors on your site so that it looks perfectly natural when uh zerp is posting all of this content for you because if uh zurp is gonna post 50 60 70 100 different articles on your website it doesn’t look too natural if it’s coming from just one author so you can go ahead and have it create multiple authors so that it rotates through them and it looks a lot more natural especially when you’re having a lot of content posted for you it looks more natural if it’s coming from multiple different authors i’ve already done that for this site so i’m going to leave it at no Database i’m going to click next and here is really what’s uh impressive about zurp is that we have the biggest database built into our platform so you can literally target any country any state any city any zip code that you want you can see all the way from a all the way down to z we have every single country built into here okay and all you got to do to find the area that you want to target is just click the arrow here and then it’s going to collapse and it’s going to show you every single state in that country and then once you find the state that you want i’m going to do florida then you just go ahead and find the city that you want so in this campaign i’m going to target the city of naples here we go and then once you click naples it’s going to show you every single zip code in that city that you’re looking to target so i’m just going to go ahead and click this and target every single zip code in that city from this point i’m going to go ahead and click next Keywords and here is where you can input the keywords that you want to target with your rankings so i’m going to go ahead and put drone repair i’m going to put drone repair [Music] expert drone repair professional and then i’m going to go ahead and do drone repair experts all right leave it like that click next Content Settings and here is pretty much where the magic happens this is your content settings this is where you’re pretty much telling zerp to go ahead and write the content for you optimize the content for you and then go ahead and post it for you so we do have two options that you can have uh done for you so we do have our ai writer built into here so uh as you can see we have multiple different languages that you can have content written for you as well so if you are targeting uh other areas uh with our geolocation option then you can go ahead and match that with the proper language in that area okay and then down here you can provide the niche and also you can provide the topics that you would like for zerp to cover so if you’re in the weight loss niche you can put niche weight loss and then you can put something like how to lose weight in your belly as an example okay and then uh what are the best exercises and then go ahead and click generate all right obviously i’m going to go ahead and use uh that old piece of article that i have because it’s been working and there’s no reason to change it up i’m just going to go ahead and use that same uh article but i’m just showing you how you can come in here and have content written for you as well all right so there within a few minutes you can see that uh zerp wrote a perfectly readable content for me it generated my title for me as well and let’s go ahead and read some of this so that you can see how quality this article is if you want to lose weight you need to know what you are trying to achieve you can have a look at the following article to find out how to lose weight in how to lose weight in your belly and then it gives me the h1 tag there uh so if you want to go ahead and use that you can click on use generated all right and then you can also go ahead and spin this all with inside of zurp especially because we got you a special discount deal for the number one uh article spinner on the market that actually understands what your content means so that it can spin your content perfectly and provide you with unique content every time a piece of content is posted on your website alright so i’m not gonna go ahead and do this for now all right i just wanted to show you that you can come in here and have content written for you in a matter of minutes but let me go ahead and grab the piece of article that i’ve been using for this particular site and we can go ahead and continue with this project all right so Content Creation i’m going to go ahead and paste that content that i’ve been using over and over on this site again it’s been one piece of content that i’ve continued to use for every single city and it continues to produce page one rankings and again zerp is doing everything for me and i’m putting very little effort into this demo site that i’ve been getting rankings for uh so i’m gonna go ahead and leave that there as is i’m gonna change these tags because they are not the tags that i want all right and typically these tags are done for you automatically all right but since we had a um content around weight loss written for me it went ahead and generated uh relevant tags around that niche all right we can also go ahead and automatically add images to our uh content from inside observe so i’m going to go ahead and search for drone and i’m going to go ahead and select multiple of these so that every piece of content gets a new image or rotates through these images all right so i’m going to go ahead and close that for now you can also add videos so i’m going to do drone repair and this is giving google exactly what it wants i’m giving a unique content i’m giving it images and i’m giving a video so that i’m covering every single type of um media that it wants to provide to users okay so i’m selecting all of these and it’s going to go ahead and rotate through those uh so that every time it posts a new piece of content it’s also going to go with unique images and unique videos and it’s going to rotate through all of those each time you also have the ability to add a business schema markup if you are working with a local client you can just click yes fill out this information and each piece of content that gets posted with your content is going to have your local clients business keeper markup so that you can boost their local uh maps ranking as well you also have the ability to uh interlink content okay the reason that uh wikipedia ranks so good is because it interlinks just about every single word to another piece of content on its site so we’ve built that same ability for you to do that automatically inside of zurp you just input which keywords you wanted to interlink to other posts on your site and do that by keyword Content Optimization and now that this is done all you gotta oh wait i also have to change this up because you also have the ability to optimize your content automatically so i’m gonna go ahead and optimize this by keyword all right so the keyword that i put in the previous option is being automatically inserted here and then i’m gonna put the city and the zip tag in there as well so that it automatically optimizes my posts for these options and one thing that you want to do as well is make sure that you sprinkle this throughout your uh content as well all right obviously you want to spend more time and and actually uh incorporate it into the actual uh into an actual sentence so that it makes sense all right but just for the purpose of this demo video i’m just sprinkling it into uh anywhere random place so that you can see that you do have to uh input your uh tags in here so that zerp knows where you want it to optimize your content for you okay so once that is done all you got to do is click next and then here you can enable content syndication as well so that zerp automatically syndicates your content for you as well so i’ll go ahead and click yes uh and then all of you that Synlab purchase zerp are getting a free syn lab account as well so uh we do have a tutorial video that will show you how to connect zurp with synlab so that every single time a post gets done for you it automatically gets syndicated for you as well all right so here um all you got to do is input this information down here which is the title all right and then what i usually do is take a a snippet of the content to use as the actual blog content all right so i’ll paste that there and then you also want to go ahead and put the url tag as we tell you here in the directions so that you know it’s linking back to your site and i’m gonna go ahead and use this for each of the options so now every time that zerp makes a post on my site it’s also gonna syndicate it to web 2.0 blogs to uh bookmarking sites to social sites all for me uh hands-free as well so at this point i’m telling zerp uh what content to write what content to optimize how to optimize that content uh how to post that content and then how to syndicate that content and then the tags here i’m gonna use the drone tags then i’m going to click next and then here is where you can go ahead and have the option to schedule out your uh pose so the total maximum post you can see here there are 60 based on the combination of location and keywords that i’ve entered so if you want to have all 60 done for you or whatever number is here then you go ahead and put that number here if you wanted to do less then you do less but the maximum that i can do for this particular project is 60 based on the locations that i selected which is the city of naples and the keywords that i select that i inputted which was about three or four different keywords so based on every single type of combination that zerp can do for me it comes out to 60 posts and then here i have the option to either schedule it based on number of days or based on a minimum and maximum number of post that it does for me on a daily basis so i’m going to go ahead and do minimum and maximum per day i’m going to have it do a minimum of one post per day and a maximum of three posts per day now depending on which uh package you purchase you’ll have different limitations on how much you can actually schedule okay so just make sure you pay attention to that if you do want the ability to schedule more content once this is done you click next you get Summary a summary of everything that you just did so it’s posting to one site it’s not customizing the site settings for me because it’s already done it’s not creating users because it’s already done it’s posting to 15 different zip codes inside of one city i’ve inputted four keywords i’ve selected uh the the most detailed uh optimization is by zip code i selected 13 images 12 videos schema markup is not enabled and it’s going to be making 60 posts for me on a random schedule between one and three posts per day and it should take about 30 days to complete all right so that looks great for me now i’m gonna go ahead and just hit save and start and now this project has started okay so that’s how simple it is to come in here and tell zerp to do exactly what you wanted to do so that you can go ahead and go out there and get page one rankings without having to touch this ever again okay so all of these rankings that i showed you on this tab i did not do anything else but exactly what i just showed you okay i set up the campaign i let it run and i didn’t touch it after that and zerp uh wrote for me optimized for me posted for me and syndicated for me all 100 hands-free and it’s gonna do the same thing for tampa and now it’s gonna do the same thing for naples okay so if you want to go ahead and get the power of this automation and artificial intelligence in your arsenal go ahead and click the link below and pick up your account Upgrades okay so this is the backend area that you’ll have access to after you purchase but of course there are upgrades here so the first one here says supercharge your account by unlocking triple credits triple sites and triple your posting limits at a huge discount here so you can lock that in for a dollar and then get that so that you can get all these extra credits here so you’re not going to worry about running out of credits here’s 150 credits uh with this you get tons and tons of more ability to post with this here’s a 50 the 15 plus or the 50 package here you get all these different things here for that it’s one dollar to try it out and then just 47 dollars a month after that it says get way faster rankings by unlocking their done free web bot that finds high authority x expired domains for you for ten dollars or less uh you should get this one here next one here is let our army of six thousand five hundred three members give your sites a massive authority boost by syndicating your content to all of their social accounts you can have other people actually sharing your account your accounts for you another one here is get even more traffic leads and sales by ranking profit producing videos on page one as well so all these otos are completely optional pick and choose the ones that you want and forget the ones that you don’t okay so what do i like about zarb however you say it uh and what don’t i like about it if i just say something that i don’t like about this it is a credit system so if you’re expecting that you’re going to get unlimited credits on the front end off or on the offer you see the sales page that just doesn’t exist the reason is that they they need to maintain the software they’re going to keep it working keep it up up to date it’s actually kind of nice that they have that upgrade because you know that it’s going to keep on working for years to come what do i like about this really high quality software done really well done by joshua zamora if you’re looking for a way of getting 100 free traffic and ranking then definitely check this out thank you so much for checking out my review today if you want to take a look at zara they can go ahead and click that link below also please like this video it really helps out my youtube channel and i appreciate it make sure you hit that subscribe button and bell notification as always thank you so much for watching and i’ll see you again in my next review video


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