Prompt Merchant Review Coupon Code + Login App Software

Prompt Merchant Review Coupon Code + Login App Software

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in this AI prompt Merchant review I’m going to be showing you how you can
actually monetize this whole chat GPT craze by selling prompts to people
essentially what you’ll be selling are the things that people type into these different AI softwares in order to get
things out of them that are actually going to be of use you’re going to sell these and be able to profit and sell the
pickaxes and the genes while other people are trying to do the gold mining and make sure you stay to the end of
this review is I’m also going to show you all the different otos and upgrades and how you can get a special bundle discount on the entire sales funnel if
you’re new to my channel my name is Mike Thomas I’m a seven figure affiliate marketer I do these reviews every single day so that you can get the best deals
and upcoming software courses if at any point during this review you want to check out AI prompt Merchant just go
ahead and click that link below also please like this video it really helps out with my YouTube channel and I appreciate it and make sure you hit that
subscribe button and Bell notification last thing before we jump in here here I just want to show you my bonus page I’ve
got a ton of extra bonuses that you’re going to be getting if you purchase this through my link all these bonuses will
be waiting for you right inside of jvzoo after you purchase through my link let’s take a look at the sales page here
together it says craft high value prompts and sell with the included Master template the simplest way to
start a prompt selling business immediately and sees the first mover Advantage with prompt merchant app so
again like I said essentially you’re going to be able to go out there and sell done for you sellable prompts to
people in order to make it so that they can actually get things from these different AI softwares you might have
actually played around with like chat GPT you maybe were able to write something like create an email for me or
write a story about this or write create an image about this but if you really want to get the true power out of these
Technologies you need to make sure that you’re giving it exactly what it needs and then it can really give you amazing
results from it but you need to give it the right prompts in order to get the those results from the software there
are a couple of different versions on the front end here they’ve got a 17 one that is just the uh it’s like a standard
one and they’ve got an agency that gives you 300 done for you sellable prompts as compared to a hundred but they do also
have and I’m gonna show you this in a second if you click on the purple link on my uh on my bonus page they have a
bundle discount as well which I’ll be showing AI advancements in the past few months we’ll just make him be quiet okay
so okay so let’s go over and we’re going to take a look at a video of Andrew and his partner explaining this a little bit
more then I’m going to come back show you the back end area and the otos and the bundle discount the a advancements
in the past few months will blow your mind and change the way you and your clients work but the real mind blower is
the speed at which people are jumping on the AI wave and making a killing by selling AI based offers and this
training will show you the quickest and the easiest way to hop on the AI train and tap into the very core of AI use the
prompts so Focus remove all the distractions and get ready to learn how
to make some serious cash we’re about to show you how to create high value prompts that sell and how to be the
first to jump on this new market opportunity now we’re going to show you a foolproof way to make amazing prompts for chat GPT
and Graphics AI like mid-journey and stable diffusion and we’ll teach you how
to be the first to grab this chance in this brand new market let me tell you a little bit about chat GPT and these
other AI tools chat GPT is basically an AI language model that understands and
generates text it’s been trained on a huge amount of data so it can answer questions and write stories and even
chat with you like a human now think of it as a like a Genie in a Bottle you ask it a question or give it a prompt and it
generates a response it’s that simple mid-journey and stable diffusion are
apps that use AI to create images from text it’s like having your own personal
artist that you can that can turn your words into pictures the goal of those apps is to create striking visuals based
on your ideas that you write as a prompt think of it as a magic wand for creating
art you give it some text and it generates a picture based on your words it’s amazing so in a nutshell
mid-journey and stable diffusion are AI powered apps that create images from
text prompts it’s like having your own personal artist that can turn your words into gorgeous visuals have you ever
heard of the problem with the right words yep that’s what we’re going to talk about today in this part of the
training you know people could get amazing content from chat GPT and
beautiful images from mid-journey but only if the prompts are just right this
is true especially for the graphics AI because the images have to be described in detail for them to turn out the way
you want instead of just kind of randomly and that is why people are very willing to pay up to 9.99 for a single
prompt on prompt base and you know what every single business needs graphics and
content the graphics design Market now is worth 14.6 billion in the U.S alone and the
copywriting market is even bigger at 21 billion and that’s not even counting all
the other things people buy directly to decorate their their houses put on T-shirts caps you name it the market is
enormous and almost everyone does not know how to make their own prompts so they just go buy them think about it how
are they supposed to write a prompt for a unique art for their cell phone case the awesome animal t-shirt or any number
of everyday Graphics that people love or what about businesses who want graphics for print-on-demand paintings
illustrated book covers stickers and more and don’t even get me started on
the Freelancers who are already making a killing with AI art on Etsy not to mention other popular freelance sites
all these people businesses and Freelancers are shifting to AI to
generate their content and art and that’s only going to get faster because hey let’s face it
99.99 of the people will never learn how to generate high-value props so they’ll
just keep buying them over and over and that’s where the first mover Advantage comes in that’s you it’s all about being
the first to jump on a new opportunity and make the most of it in the case of using AI to profit it’s about being the
first to figure out how to use AI to make money think of it like being the first to start a new business in a hot
market and if you’re the first to offer a new product or service you have the chance to cash in big before anyone else
does and that’s exactly what’s happening with AI and profiting if you’re the
first to figure out how to use AI to make money you have the chance to get in on the ground floor and make a killing
but if you wait too long the market will get crowded and the profits will go down so in a nutshell the first mover
advantage is about being the first to take advantage of a new opportunity and in this case it’s about being the first
to use AI to make money so let me say it again by getting in early you have the
chance to make big profits before anyone else does and this is where we come to
lend a hand hi I’m Robert Robinson and I’ll be your co-host for this training alongside the one and only Andrew Darius
now I’ve been part of Andrew squad for the last five years and let me tell you it has been one crazy Journey but enough
about me I want to get down and dirty and I know you do too so let me introduce you to the man the myth the
legend Andrew Darius Andrew Darius is the founder of pitch Kickstart for chat
GPT prompt strongbox prompt Merchant and one of the great AI pioneers and with
his first AI app created in 2013 Andrew has since released a number of AI
powered apps that have been purchased by thousands of entrepreneurs and Affiliates as a digital product Creator Andrew has
created dozens of popular products and has sold over 200 000 of those products
on ClickBank jvzoo and Warrior plus marketplaces with total sales well above
eight figures he recently received recognition from jvzoo for over 6
million in sales on just one of his accounts not only is he a successful
product Creator but Andrew also has proven to be a successful affiliate having sold over 90 000 of other vendors
products including a couple of promotions where he managed to sell over a thousand copies of the promoted
product all right so I’m gonna hand over the mic and the screen controls to Andrew trust me my man knows his stuff
and he’ll take this training to the next level all right without further Ado let’s give Andrew the stage Andrew the
mic in the screen are all yours hello this is Andrew Darius and before we jump
into the training let me show you how amazing those mid Journey images are and
you will be learning how to make those images by yourself just using prompts
take a look those are Beyond awesome you can do
pretty much anything including photos including graphics and anything in
between so let me scroll a bit here and then check the Nuance from the heart
section as you can see you have anime you have
photography with superhero right there mixing Styles paintings
graphic arts images from looking like from a future
cat photos is really really amazing you can see
what is possible to do both really like normal photos and this is reproduce
national graphic very famous photos you can see see pretty much anything and you
can do pretty much anything you can think of anything you can imagine in the
mid Journey 5. so let’s dive deep into the training so in this training I will show you the
concept also called The Master template in my own technique how to apply this
concept to making templates where you can sell so let’s start from the beginning what
is the master template I asked charge GPT for exploration so let’s read the
first sentence a master template is pre-designed document or set of design elements which
serves as the basics for a creation of a new design
document so what I came up with is how to apply
this master prompt template to the concept of generating templates for the
customers of yours templates you can sell to your customers
so first before we begin let me show you what you can create
from Master templates for your customer templates so the end results for the templates you
were made for the customers could be images like this let me scroll through
this I will see how it looks so those are all images or variants of
images you will be able to make from templates for and your
customers can buy from the templates and create images just like both images you
can see right here here we are looking on the character templates but we are
different concepts by the way after my presentation about pump templates and
how to make them rubber will tell you how you can get my roll decks of those
templates completely for free he will tell you how to do it I will just scroll fast with
different images prompts you can create for your customers to buy
here are some some landscape prompts templates you can
create for your customers to buy I will not keep scrolling because I have written hundreds maybe more than
thousand right now right right there and then let’s sample the cartoons
sound for the paintings anime
and different version for anime sci-fi and by the way you can scroll all
the not just the one screen you is like a ton of ton of them you give a scroll by right there how many other
creatures let me show you more mediums
timetables and the fashion print media styles
game misc and so on so each of them
has a lot a lot of different things you can do so let’s go and get started of a
training and training will be so easy you would not believe how easy to do so first of all you will get from me
this master from template for Mid Journey also you will get master from template
for a stable diffusion and also there’s not a master from tape template but we also get the prompt
template samples from me for various things you can use for chart GPT
templates and I will show how to use it so right the jump into prompt templates
for master prom templates for the mid-journey so master from template for
Me journal is essential this text and the power of it is when you copy paste
to chart GPT the chart GPT will actually
make your temperature’s customer so you do not need much of creativity by
yourself you will just name what you want and it will make the plan for you chargpt will do it the only thing you
need to change here is text here and whereas you just copy paste verbatim so
let’s show me how I did it so let’s start start with middle
medieval castle so medieval castle is the only thing
which I change in this master from template will you get from
me so all I did I just copy paste it I
replace those axes with what I want medieval castle and then I ask charging PT to actually
provide me templates I just copy paste change this one text and then it provides you with four
different prompts for the medical Castle plant template for mid-journey
mid-journey is a AR graphic design all you have to do is to install it there’s
a separate instruction in memory area of my other videos how to do it so here’s
our prompt this is the problem we just talked about this first one so I just use this first
one here and I just dropped it into the mid
Journey about it created this image and I like this by the most so all I did I
would just upsclay upscale this one number four here I’m not doing live
because upscaling does take a minute of two and I didn’t want you to wait and it’s pretty good image but I think
it needs some flavor it’s okay but it’s not great this is my eyes
so what I did I actually went to my Rolex of templates
which you get from the end you will learn how to get it on the end of this training
so what I did I went to landscapes and I look which style I like the most
let me see which I which I chose I didn’t remember so let’s take a look so
let’s look here I should choose many podcasts about alloys
I know how to pronounce it or nagar I’m not sure but as you can see as you can see right
there in my product is one of the first one here
this is the style I am going for right here kind of this kind of Castle or this
kind of Castle you can choose any kind you want from my Roblox in this demo
this demonstration how it works how the master from template works I just chose
this person style to use it and all I really
did I use this template and what I did I put medieval castle
and then this person name right there s and you can see right there let me
find the actual one which I use for that
oh this is this one so as you can see all I did
I added this name of this person from my Rolodex
to The Prompt Master template right here
and you see right there right I paste it with Master template with this change right into the charge GPT
and here we go I just got lost horse template again exactly the same way I did before
and let’s see what I got I see I just got it right there and you open
it it’s kind of gave me four Images one like like here like here or here I think
the one I’m going after is kind of like this one is we just saw in my roll decks
it is kind of this this kind of style so it was with style right there so I I
what I did I upscaled this one by pressing this U2 button and this is what I got
I got right there this nice Castle exactly how I wanted it and when you
sell to customers is this text you sell essentially this final result from the
generation you do not give anybody with master
template you give a template which is generated from Master template
can you just give this right and the the great point is every time you will get
the different Castles again guys every time is different and you can sell all of those prompts to
your customer how you guys see how powerful all it is
how powerful you can become without any creativity by just using the power of Master from
templates and chart Deputy Andrew thank you again
that was beyond awesome I haven’t seen anybody giving so much free information about prompts that people can use right
away okay so prompt selling is a fresh new business that’s just starting to
pick up steam and people are already making a ton of money from it as I show you the success stories of some folks
who jumped on the prompt selling bandwagon right away keep in mind that these impressive results are from the
earliest days of the market so just imagine how big the numbers can get once
the market explodes with a whole bunch of new people buying prompts it’s going to be massive
okay check this out real quick couple of nice examples for you here check this out imagnier
who creates prompts for mid-journey has already sold 538 of his prompts and is raking in the
dough not too shabby and then Mr Dan who makes prompts for all kinds of AI he’s
cashed in from selling 429 prompts that’s pretty impressive and let’s not
forget Denise digital who rocks a Neo Tokyo nft as his profile picture and not
only did he sell 413 prompts but he’s also using them in his print on demand
Biz so you talk about killing two birds with one stone now look at all four of these guys here
let’s check out these these four prompt sellers they’ve been selling anywhere from 200 to over 300 prompts and one of
them even has a print on demand service for their customers I mean that is just really super cool
and let’s take a look at these each of these sellers on this page has cashed in from over 200 buyers one of them even
offers custom made prompt designs sweet deal if I could just pronounce the names of
them oh well all right let me just say it again we’re still in the early days of AI content and image generation but
trust me in the next few years it’s gonna be everywhere so here’s the deal you need to be smart about it and get in
early before it gets too competitive that’s why it’s crucial to watch this entire training right now and take
advantage of the first mover Advantage just keep in mind in a few years using
AI tools will be as common as an autoresponder and everybody will need
prompts a lot of people have missed out on major wealth opportunities in the
past because they ignore them when they happen and try to jump in when it was too late don’t let that happen to you
think about all the regular people who became millionaires from basic homemade apps and games on Facebook before it
killed virality and the number of people who made Millions from the Apple Store when it first launched in 2 2008 it’s
crazy and I can’t legally promise that you’ll make money from selling prompts what I can say though is that having the
right product at the right time can greatly increase your chances of success so whatever you decide today just
remember don’t blame us if you don’t take action all right like you saw in Andrew’s training on the prompts they’re
pretty simple to make once you know how all right gang so here’s the deal we are
opening access to our app called prompt Merchant it’s the first of its kind
allowing you to set up your very own prompt selling store and the best part
it’s all yours so you decide what prompts you want to sell the prompt Store Market is in its early blue ocean
stage meaning there’s not a lot of competition out there now is the time
you know what I just did a quick Google search for prompt store and there was only one result leading to the actual
prompt store now that’s how new this Market is and don’t worry we’ve got your
back every Shop created on prompt Merchant comes with SEO features
including a site map to help boost your ranking obviously it’s just one of the
Myriad of ways that you can get people to your shop all right I’m going to show you a couple of examples here of how
beautiful this can be for you I set up a sample prompt shop just like you would
and added some prompts to show you how cool it looks it took me just a couple of minutes check out these screenshots
wow they look awesome and the best part is you can have your store up and
running today because we’re giving you 100 ready to use prompt sample images
and hey but even better you can have Unique Images unlike any other prom shop
because you can just paste a prompt into mid journey and it’ll generate a one-of-a-kind image for your store
this friends is the power of prompt templates and Graphics AI you can create
endless different images from the same prompt every time you render it it’s almost like magic listen you’re now on
the ground floor of this new business opportunity you have the chance to get in early and take advantage of the first
mover Advantage before the market gets crowded mid-journey and stable diffusion
are already being used by over 10 million people and chat GPT has 100
million active users monthly and those numbers just keep on growing all those
users need prompts and right now a Google search for prompt store returns
only one result that leads to an actual prompt store I will let you draw a
conclusion by yourself but I already know what you are thinking wow why have I not heard about that before hey guess
what so far only very few have heard about it and those are already cashing
in big like I showed you before the screenshots this is a huge opportunity
for you with prompt Merchant even complete beginners can set up a prompt
store and start selling in no time it’s super easy to use and it takes full
advantage of the Blue Ocean Market so the only question left is who wants to
know everything you’re getting as a part of the special deal here is the special
limited time deal we have for those of you who take action today so you learned
how easy it is to create killer prompts with chat GPT mid-journey and stable
diffusion all you got to do is type in a keyword and Bam you’ve got a prompt and
even better you can make unique images from the same prompt every time you render it but how do you actually sell
those prompts you don’t want to go through a centralized platform and miss out on the chance to build your own
customer our list and keep making more sales right the demand for prompts is huge with over 100 million monthly users
generating content with chat GPT and Company but the supply is still low with
only one real search result for prompt store that is where prompt Merchant
comes in it’s the first software that instantly creates a prompt store for you
so you can start selling right away with 100 ready to sell prompts and images
included you can open your store today you can list prompts for sale and even
create a site map for Google you can accept payments through PayPal stripe
razor pay and much more plus your store will be optimized for fast loading times
and you can even connect Google analytics and run ads our team worked
hard to bring you the world’s first prompt store platform so you can take advantage of this brand new mark
now to sweeten the deal even more we’ve got some awesome bonuses for you when
you get your prompt Merchant store today the artist’s reference sheets think
about all the time you’ll save with these artist reference sheets they’ve got tons of specific artist Styles over
a thousand mid-journey images generated in all sorts of categories like
characters Landscapes cartoons and Comics creatures you name it finding all
this information and categorizing it yourself would take hundreds of hours and who has time for that huh and don’t
even get us started on the time it would take to render all those images from prompts yep we save you the hassle and
give you access to these sheets the value of the artist reference sheets
bonus 1997 and free bonus the master prompt
template for Mid Journey chat GPT prompt generator the this is the mid-journey
master template Andrew showed you in the training all you need to do is to replace the X’s with your own keywords
and let chat GPT generate a mid-journey prompt which you can sell you can also
generate a unique image for your shop from that prompt to display to the buyers Master prompt template for
mid-journey chat GPT prompt generator value 497 dollars free bonus the master prompt
template for stable diffusion chat GPT prompt generator this is the stable
diffusion Master template all you need to do is to replace the X’s with your own keywords let chat GPT generate a
stable diffusion prompt which you can sell and you can also generate a unique image for your shop from that prompt to
display to the buyers Master prompt template for stable diffusion chat GPT
prompt generator value 497 dollars a total and investment two
become a proprietor of your very own prompt store with an inventory and when
we showed it to the other marketers they thought we were crazy for even thinking about such a low price you are getting
prompt Merchant store account included with 100 ready to sell prompt templates
with rendered images plus all the bonuses that we’ve talked about all of
that it’s a ridiculous deal considering everything that’s included not to mention the bonuses and even though
everyone I talked to said we should at least charge 397 dollars we’re going to do something special we want to reward
those who take action now so for those who decide to do it we’re going to drop the price down for everything and from
now on you can be the proud Prop Store proprietor building your brand and cashing in on the hottest trend of this
decade plus you’ll get 100 ready to sell prompts and images to display them in
your store we’ve got a 30 day no questions asked guarantee but I just know you’re gonna love it you are
getting your very own prompt Merchant store account and the incredible bonuses and if you take anything from this
training remember that prompts are what make AI useful and literally everybody
needs them with prompt Merchant you will be the one benefiting first mover
Advantage with your store selling before the market gets saturated and you’ve
also got full ready to sell prompt Arsenal to fill your store with and sell the heck out of it man I am so excited
for you you won’t find a bundle with this much value at such an incredible price anywhere else on the internet not
997 dollars not even 397 dollars but a very sweet deal The Prompt merchant app
is as easy as it gets frankly you’ll be comfortable using it after the first 15 minute setting and you’ll also get
access to bit sized step-by-step tutorial videos so you’ll never get stuck and of course you can always come
contact our customer success team at any time if you have a question and if you’re thinking about starting any
business online or adding an extra Revenue stream to what you are already doing the prompt store is perfect for
that once you set it up it becomes a passive selling machine since sales are automated I would venture that over time
it would be hard to find a single online marketer entrepreneur business owner or
affiliate on the planet who doesn’t use AI in their business and the same with all people it took chat GPT just a few
months to reach a hundred million monthly active users imagine the numbers a few years from now again here’s what
you are getting you are getting your very own prompt Merchant store account with Incredible bonuses so grab that
special deal right now and don’t miss out on the hottest Trend which will only get hotter let me ask you three final
questions before we do wrap up are you in or are you out
do you want to cash in on prompt sales or not do you want to stay where you’re at or take advantage of the first mover
Advantage if you’re happy where you are now I mean that’s cool I mean I’m happy for you because if you’re happy I’m happy but if you feel like you want to
take a ride on the AI wave and profit from it it’s decision time the choice is
entirely yours look we’re doing okay so your purchase isn’t going to change our lives but it might really change yours
all right well that’s a wrap and I hope your prompt store will pump sales like a firefighter hose pumps water okay so
we’re back so this is what the backing area is going to look like after you purchase now there are multiple upgrades they’ve got one for a a workshop that
they’re going to be doing where they’re going to be doing a live Master Class Workshop so this is an optional upgrade uh they’ve got another one here which is
uh Interactive Learning and Advanced Techniques uh they’ve got another one
here which is a profit club I’m not sure if they’ve got the prices on these yet I always try to show you guys if I can
this is 297 dollars one time they’ve got another one here we could transform your immersion store into a selling machine
with these profit selling boosters uh this one is 47 one time they’ve got
another one here where boost your branding customer experience with the white label version of this so it’s actually you’re labeling it like it’s
your own software now this one’s 297 dollars one time uh it looks like this is the same one but what you can do is
if you want to skip that sales funnel get everything at a discounted price just click on the bundle discount it’ll take you over to this page right here
we’re diving into this webinar right now it can be quiet here
here we go uh you can get everything you can get the the front end offer and all
the different upgrades uh for a one-time price and you’re going to be paying
uh 297 one time for this so it’s a huge discount if I recommend you looks like
there’s even going to be a discount code on the on the page here just take a look at that and make sure you get the lowest price on it but yeah if you’re going to
be getting this I would definitely recommend looking at the bundle discount because that’s where you’re going to get the most value for the least amount of
amount of money okay so what do I think about AI prompt Merchant what do I like about it what don’t I like about it if I
had to say something that I don’t like about it I guess it can be a little bit complicated for some people if you don’t really understand Ai and you haven’t
really been playing around with chat GPT and stuff yet you might be a little bit confused about it so just be aware that
it is one of these it’s a newer thing that might be a little confusing what do I like about it this is a really fun
time that we’re in the fact that we’re just getting into Ai and it’s really starting to become big I’m excited to
see how it’s going to be going over the next few years and now that people are aware of it they want to be able to use
it and get real results from it if you want to help people get results and get paid at the same time then check this
out thank you so much for checking out my AI prompt Merchant review if you want to take a look at it go ahead and click that link below also please like this
video it really helps out with my YouTube channel and I appreciate it and make sure you hit that subscribe button and Bell notification as always thank
you so much for watching I’ll see you again in my next video thanks

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