GPTDash Review | Ful OTOs’ Link + Huge Bonuses

GPTDash Review | Ful OTOs’ Link + Huge Bonuses

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hey and welcome to this GPT Dash review so I’m really excited because I just found out about this product and I was so uh happy to go ahead and get access to it and when I say access I went and purchased this myself okay so I went and got the agency and I also got three well you know the first in but the agency is what’s going to give you everything so real quick let me just go over this real quick this is the sales page this is the first page that you’re going to go ahead and land on if you click the little Link in the description below and pretty much this is amazing now I was pretty much still on the edge of getting into Ai and I know everybody’s hopping on but the thing was is that what are the prompts that’s needed you know what all you got to go ahead and do as far as talking back and forth with the machine you know and the AI and so this product right now let me tell you pretty much eliminates all of this guesswork that you might have to go ahead and put in as long as you have what you see here like a sales page or you have an ideal of what the product is that you’re going to be promoting you good to go all right so let me just show you so like I said I bought everything I bought the upsell because this is gonna truly save me time in writing um any promotional emails scripts anything that I want to go ahead and do all I have to do is type in a couple of things as far as what I wanted to say and We’re Off to the Races so let’s jump right back into the back end so I can really show you the power of this thing so this right here looks like this on my end because I picked up everything I got everything as far as that’s needed so you only need two things so it’s the first and part and you need the second in part and the second in comes with you’re being able to write ebooks and reports um you get the SEO too so you can go ahead and it shows your demonstration there’s a video for each one you get rewriting content that’s big because now you don’t have to really go to Fiverr or anywhere to go ahead and start rewriting your content then you get the right to product description this is perfect there’s a video right here you also can take the description of your product if that’s physical or digital take that put it into this dashboard and it’ll write your script for you all right what else um articles and posts and writing letters and what else writing um writing your podcast this this is pretty good here um squeeze Pages you really want to do that so writing advertisement and let me see customer service shortcuts and so this is pretty much giving you just generated shortcuts that you can go ahead and put in as prompts but this is phenomenal now this right here is going for 77 now I’m showing you this and I know this is probably not the typical review that you you’re probably used to but here’s the thing there is a time limit on it so before I I go to the time limit let me show you what you’re getting on the front end the front end you’re getting the email writing you’re getting social posts on writing product review writing the the sales letter video Scripts and doing research now this is super powerful I’m gonna stop right here because I wanted to let you know if you’re able to go here and let’s say you you’re going into a new niche and you have a product and you’re not sure on what your competition is doing this will give you ideal of what your ideal customer is looking for all right that’s super powerful because that cuts down your your um your research curve tremendously instead of you going looking on all the different products that might be selling in that Niche um looking at different YouTube videos or just looking across the web looking for different products that might be related in that Niche this right here cuts that learning curve in your research in half and then it just tells you hey look this is what these people are looking for you get this on the front end um this is similar to doing your um you’re doing your research but this is like finding your Niche now so like if you if you have a product already that you’re you’re trying to promote you can go ahead type in the prompts and like hey look I’m trying to promote this product you’re good to go all right what’s next and then it has the image generator so it’ll show you like you you you just follow the prompts put it in what you’re looking for and you’re going to get images like this now this is all on the front and this is the sales page so you’ll be able to go ahead and look at all of this right and I just want to show you though that there is a timer on there right so as right now you can pick this up for 17 um for the price is a steal all right so let me just show you on the back end so what’s most important to a lot of people right now if you’re just coming online or you’ve been online is writing emails or doing some type of video YouTube scripts right if you can get those done that cuts your your time in half and that gives you back so much time right so let’s do this let’s write um a video script for our product now I’m showing you on the back end this is what you’re going to get on the inside so you got digital products physical products shorted advertisements explainer um tutorials right informational announcements you got the YouTube Tick Tock shorts right sales Facebook ads I’m telling you this particular product I’m just super happy to um be excited to be giving it and showing it to you right now because when I saw it I was like this is like been hiding somewhere I don’t know where but here let’s get right to it digital product right let’s go ahead and write a review for this product right now right so this is um Dash on the product the type of product it is is digital right um yeah here we go and the audience I did right a little bit so let’s go with this um people who want to use AI in their online business okay that’s all of us right here right because that’s what you’re looking at so let’s generate now I much must mention that you do have to go ahead and open up a free account over at um chat GPT to go ahead and get you a AI key so that this software pretty much talks with the AI and that’s it and then all you have to do is come in put these prompts in and that’s it all right now I’m not going to read all of this but let me just show you this it says the opening shot of the person typing on their computer now look this is the digital product that we’re doing so we’re talking about we’re talking about this product right now and this is a video script so when it’s telling you what images or what you should be showing when you’re you’re doing your video and then it just goes right into it now I’m not going to read all of this but this is a good video script right here all right now you can pause this if you want so you can read it yourself but this is phenomenal how much time did that just save you right and anything that seems a little all for it maybe goes probably a little bit against what the the product that you’re promoting is then you just go ahead and change it so you can download it as a text file to your computer or you can just copy and paste it put it to somewhere else another um writing pad or whatever and just there you go but I’m telling you right now this saves you time so let’s let’s let’s do another one let’s go back and let’s go to the dashboard all right so now we got a video script let’s do the email so to save you time because all you got to do is go ahead click on it and then we’re going to go ahead and choose um product and service or you can do educational information but we’re doing product and service so I’m go ahead and click that all right so just to save you time I went ahead and just filled out everything real quick so I want you to see this everything is already filled out and these are the simple things that you can just fill out right away no problem right and I went ahead just clicked it so you can see so this is what was brought back to me this is your email now this doesn’t take long at all and I’m super excited because this like hit the nail right on the coffin like this is the thing that you need right now like this is going to save you so much time all right so like I said I’m super excited um I’m glad that this product is out because now you don’t have to go straight to AI the the chat GPT to go ahead and put your prompts in then coming back and forth copy and paste and everything everything is right here on this GPT Dash so I just want to show you that and once again um you want to go to this page the link is below get here now because I don’t know how much longer they’re going to have this sale before it goes up to 197. they’re saying it’s 10 hours left on it so I’m just trying to get out to you as fast as possible because I think you need this in your business if you’re trying to go ahead and save time this is going to be a Time Saver for you all right and also once you get this part here remember after you get this so just make sure that you go ahead and you grab the up the upsell or the upgrade and the upgrade on your investment today is going to give you access to all of this other stuff here and that price is 77 these are the only two things you need you get that and you’re good to go all right I hope this helps you thanks talk to you soon

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