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in this GPT ebook pack review I’m going to be showing you how you can get your hands on 10 000 plus unique ebooks that you can use to monetize in any way you want how do I know they’re 100 unique because they were created by Ai and make sure you stay to the end of this review as I’m also going to be showing all the otos and upgrades how you can get a discount on every single one of them including a discount on the offer you see on the sales page if you are new to my channel my name is Mike Thomas I’m a seven figure affiliate marketer I do these reviews every single day so that you can get the best deals and upcoming software and courses if at any point during this review you want to check out GPT ebook pack just go ahead and click that link below also please like this video it really helps out on the YouTube channel and I appreciate it and make sure you hit that subscribe button and Bell notification last thing before we jump in here I just want to show you my bonus page I’ve got a ton of bonuses including a bunch of resell rights here to pass software all these bonuses will be waiting for you right inside of warrior plus after you purchase through my link let’s take a look at the sales picture together it says brand new plr pack turns chat GPT into your own collection of 10 000 plus unique ebooks in multiple niches your very own content business without typing any words yourself 10 000 plus ebooks with PLL rights included hundreds of ninjas from weight loss to real estate to finance 100 original written content with chat GPT generate amazing ebooks and minutes without typing words use chat TPT and true AI to create ebooks that read better than paid writers from Fiverr this is the exact same Tech that’s behind open Ai and chat gbt publish your eBooks on Kindle do essentially whatever you want with them all these things all built in so Step One open up the GPT ebook pack and select your Niche step two add your name your client’s name whatever and hit download and then you can use the books however you want in your business that you have the full rights to the different content now they’ve got some traffic screenshots here I don’t think this is anything really to do with this or these commissions really don’t have anything to do with this kind of a con kind of content here however if you are looking for Content That’s Unique a lot of times with plr people will put it out there and it’s already been used by a ton of people already this is all unique stuff this is all stuff that’s just been put out there that you can start using and of course if you pick this up early you’ll have a first mover Advantage with that so I’m going to scroll down here and if you purchase this you get access to all the different unique content here for a very low one-time price however move your mouse away and you can get a discount on it again I make less as an affiliate by showing that to you so make sure you hit that like button I appreciate it okay I’m gonna go ahead and play you a quick video explaining this a little bit more then I’m going to come back and show you the otos and the discounts hey there we all know that content is the lifeblood of any online business having your own info products ebooks PDFs or even just regular articles on the web is the fastest way to internet riches most importantly people who are selling contents info products or even article services to other people are making an absolute killing right now fact is content marketing is already a 500 billion dollar industry and marketers who are able to sell their own content packaged as ebooks info products or articles stand to make tens of thousands of dollars every month just take a look at some of our own results the problem ebooks and PDF info products are expensive to create if you Outsource and pay a team of writers writing content yourself takes forever and nobody ever got rich doing all the work themselves and don’t get me started on so-called content creators that only give you rehash plr or badly Rewritten or spun articles that’s why beginner and expert marketers alike have had a hard time cracking the secret content code today we’re changing all that from the ground up what if you had a one-click solution that enables you to instantly generate 100 unique ebooks in literally any Niche on Earth ebooks that you have plr rights to but that are original and have never been used before and what if you could use these ebooks as your own two sell to others launch on Warrior Plus or jvzoo packaged as info products publish on Kindle become an author to build your list for free on your site split them into chunks and publish as articles on your blog what happens if you get an unlimited stream of unique content put simply you’d be a king there’s a brand new ebook pack going live today that lets anyone yes even complete newbies get plr and reseller rights access to thousands of ebooks that are 100 unique and written use in chat GPT how are we pulling this off it’s not plr it’s not rehashed Rewritten content it’s not by using an article spinner GPT ebook pack is a brand new plr ebook pack that just went live which lets you create custom and 100 unique content and put your name on thousands of ebooks in any Niche from weight loss to nutrition to real estate that you can sell for huge profits on sites like Fiverr freelancer upwork and many more all at the push of a button yes literally click a button get 100 unique content that you can sell or use on your own sites how is it different from other plr ebook packs this one is 100 original content never seen before generated by chat GPT and packaged as ebooks by US 10 000 plus original ebooks and any Niche you can think of are waiting for you to put your name on them and publish as your own it creates exactly the sort of concept that online and offline businesses are ready to pay hand over fist to get so you can finally say goodbye to paying for Content wasting your time wasting your money trying to figure out traffic by yourself so take action now click the buy button below and claim your piece of the 500 plus billion dollar content marketing pie welcome to the future of internet marketing welcome to GPT ebook pack okay so we’re back so this is the first upgrade that you’re gonna see you can lock in Texas speech funnel Builder and unlimited viral traffic with GPT ebook pack Pro uh so this is going to give you just an extra way of being able to take this content and to make it into stuff of more value however what I want to do is make sure that you click on this no thanks button and what that’s going to do it’s going to take you over to the same product but with a discounted price on it I make less as an affiliate by showing this to you so please hit that like button I appreciate it the next one that you’re going to see here is uh it says the Enterprise version so this is going to just give you some more stuff with this let’s see what they say here you can see here your own GPT ebook pack store so you can put it on your store and actually sell your your content on there sell more content premium video player cloud-based storage auto backups all these different things that you can use with this this is the Enterprise again hit that no thanks button to get a discount the next one here is they’ve got some kind of an income stream here with this again you want to move your mouse away on on this one actually hit the no thanks button to get gun on this one the next one is they’re going to give you all their best selling present and future products click the no thanks button and get a discount on this one as well and the last one you can get resell rights to this and keep 100 of the profits selling throughout the funnel hit the no thanks button get a discount all these otos are optional pick and choose the ones that you want and forget the ones that you don’t okay so what do I like about GPT ebook pack and what don’t I like about it if I just say something that I don’t like about this I mean you could essentially go if and go to chat GPT and if you know how to do the prompts if you know exactly how to use chat TPT and you’re an expert at this you could essentially get it to write content for you so if you are if you already really know how to use it well and you’ve been using it and you don’t need any help from others then this might not be right for you what do I like about this not everyone has time to create content not everyone has the knowledge of how to put in the right things into chat GPT to get it to spit out the right kind of content that you want if you just want a bunch of content that’s done for you that hasn’t been used before then check this out thank you so much for checking out my chat GPT ebook pack review if you want to take a look at it go ahead and click that link below also please like this video it really helps out on the YouTube channel and I appreciate it and make sure you hit that subscribe button and Bell notification as always thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you again in my next video thanks

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