AI HostMaker OTO & Review – Full OTOs Details + 15k Bonuses


Remember! OTOs Don’t Work If You Don’t Have Front End, Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End.

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AI HostMaker FE – User Coupon: AI HostMaker3OFF

AI HostMaker OTO 1: AI HostMaker MAX – User Coupon: AI HostMaker3OFF

AI HostMaker OTO 2: AI HostMaker Premium – User Coupon: AI HostMaker3OFF

AI HostMaker OTO 3: AI HostMaker Website Builder – User Coupon: AI HostMaker3OFF

AI HostMaker OTO 4: AI HostMaker Cloud Drive – User Coupon: AI HostMaker3OFF

AI HostMaker OTO 5: AI HostMaker SEO Tools – User Coupon: AI HostMaker3OFF

AI HostMaker OTO 6: AI HostMaker Conversions – User Coupon: AI HostMaker3OFF

AI HostMaker OTO 7: AI HostMaker Reseller – User Coupon: AI HostMaker3OFF

AI HostMaker OTO 8: AI HostMaker Agency – User Coupon: AI HostMaker3OFF


Vendor Ashwath Shivaram
Product AI HostMaker
Coupon Code AI HostMaker3OFF
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Niche Hosting
Support Effective Response
Discount >>>CLICK HERE TO GRAB IT<<<
Recommended Highly Recommended

Thanks to Ashwath Shivaram, I get the results I wanted


AI HostMaker is The Brand New “AWS Powered” Hosting Platform To Host Unlimited Websites & Domains On Ultra-Fast & Secure Servers – At An Unbeatable Low One-Time Price!

Hosting Is An Essential Part Of Any Online Business. As we are settling in New Normal, more and more businesses are taking the digital approach and setting up their own website. However, the reality is most online businesses fail due to poor website functionality and bad user experience. A website’s usability lies on three pillars – A Good Web Design, Search Engine Optimization & A SOLID WEB HOSTING. Mere purchasing a domain name won’t do it. You need to have a robust web hosting account or hire a web hosting company that will ensure that your website is visible to people on the internet.

Having good website hosting is essential so your brand can offer a quality service to your customers. On the other hand, bad hosting can literally paralyze your business. You need hosting that is fast, secured, reliable, and allows you to add unlimited domains for your business. Honestly, there are virtually hundreds of hosting companies out there and you’re probably already paying for a monthly or yearly subscription with one of them. But The Problem? Hosting Companies Charge Too Much, Slow & Unreliable Servers. You don’t want to lose your precious customers because your site load one second too late, now do you? Poor Support. Issues like these can actually sabotage your businesses at the worst possible time. Well, after months of hard work & research, they are ready with their powerful, one-of-its-kind hosting platform. Introducing AI HostMaker.


It Takes Only 3 Simple Steps To Host Your Sites With AI HostMaker:

  • Step #1: 1 Click Domain Connect: Login to their ultra-secure AI HostMaker account and insert your domain name. You can add unlimited domains & unlimited websites.
  • Step #2: Manage your Hosting Account Using Cutting Edge A-PANEL Technology. Start managing your hosting account from our user-friendly & powerful control panel in just minutes.
  • Step #3: Install 100+ Web Apps In 1 Click: Web apps for protection, for seo, for traffic, for design, for images, and more, all in 1 click, auto activate.

It’s Time to Stop Paying Thousands of Dollars to Unreliable & Expensive Hosting Servers That Takes Forever to Load Your Sites. AI HostMaker gives you access to your very own powerful hosting platform. Now you can upload and host unlimited websites and domains within minutes. All you need to do is simply pay once to profit forever. You can add unlimited SSL certificates to completely secure your websites. Also, you can install WordPress & create your own personalized email accounts in just one click.

Catch? This Special One-Off Price Is Going To Expire Really Soon. They created AI HostMaker to help struggling marketers cut down their hosting expenses & make more profits for their business.This is the reason we are offering those top-notch hosting services at this low one-time price. Think about it, wouldn’t it be amazing that you have to spend less money each month for overpriced web hosting services… It means you save more cash to re-invest in other income-producing avenues of your business & boost your profits. And it’s not just about money; their user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for all online marketers to host & manage their websites without any complicated stuffs & tech headaches… Thus saving you more time & energy to focus on other revenue-generating activities of your business. Get It Now.

How amazing would it be if you could pay a single ONE-TIME Fee and be able to host all your websites on an ultra fast server? Sounds too crazy right? Well it’s NOT. AI HostMaker is an all in one hosting solution to host your unlimited websites (WordPress, eCommerce, Literally all types of websites) & domain on super-fast server for lifetime at unbeatable one time fee without any monthly fee ever. And here’s the fact: You get all of this, for LIFE, with just ONE time low fee TODAY! This cost is literally a fraction of your current monthly subscription.


  • Host Unlimited Sites & Domains: You only have to pay once to profit forever. At just one-time payment, you can host unlimited websites and domains … No restrictions, no limitations, and no monthly charges ever.
  • Fast & Reliable Server: Their cutting-edge compression algorithm helps to load your sites & pages at lightning-fast speed with no downtime.
  • Unlimited Free End-To-End SSL Encryption: All your precious data and websites are protected by their end-to-end SSL encryption. Also, you can get unlimited free SSL certificates
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Database: Get unlimited bandwidth to provide consistent site performance even with high traffic or large media files. Also, you can create and manage unlimited MySQL database at no extra cost.
  • Personalized Email Accounts: You’ll get your own personalized email accounts to create and manage your professional emails easily.
  • 1-click WordPress Installation: Install WordPress on your sites in just one click. Create beautiful sites and make them live in just minutes.
  • 100+ 1-click Script Installer: 100+ Top Script apps for all your needs that you can install in just 1-Click.
  • Easy-To-Use A-Panel: Their advanced A-Panel (Alternative panel) is simpler and more powerful than c-panel, it allows you to create, manage, and edit your websites easily.
  • Upload & Manage All Your Domains, Site Files & DNS Records: All-in-one software that lets you upload and manage all your domains, website files, and DNS records from anywhere, at any time.
  • 100% Cloud-Based: There’s nothing to install or download, it is 100% cloud-based. That means you can host and access your websites from anywhere in the world, at any time, on any device.
  • Round The Clock Support: No need to wait for days, we have a dedicated support team to answer all your queries and resolve your issues on time.
  • One-Time Fee: Say goodbye to forking out a huge chunk of your hard-earned profits for monthly hosting subscriptions. AI HostMaker provides you an extensive array of features, at just a low one-time price


  • Host Unlimited Websites And Domains On Cloud Hosting Servers At Low One-Time Price
  • Unlimited Free End-To-End SSL Encryption To Protect You And Your Websites.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth So Websites Can Handle High-Traffic Without Compromising Site Performance
  • Blazing Fast Servers To Load Pages At Bullet-Speed For Higher Conversion Rate
  • Your Own Personalized Email Account To Create & Manage Emails
  • One-Click WordPress Installation With Powerful & Easier A-Panel (Alternative Panel)
  • AI HostMaker is 100% Cloud-Based & Reliable Server To Optimize Your Site Performance & Functionality.
  • 100+ One-Click Script Installer For All Your Needs
  • Unlimited Database To Manage & Create MySQL Database
  • Unlimited Free SSL Certificates For All Your Sites
  • Edit/Add DNS Records Of Your Account
  • Upload & Manage All Your Site Files and Domains From Anywhere In The World
  • Round-The-Clock Expert Support & Step By Step Tutorials
  • Bid Farewell To Limited & Expensive Monthly Subscriptions Platforms
  • And So Much More…


AI HostMaker FE

With the price of just $17 (one-time payment), you can host unlimited websites and domains without any restrictions or additional monthly charges.

Experience your fresh mind that comes with unlimited bandwidth, databases, and free end-to-end SSL encryption—all included in this one-time payment. The super-fast and secure servers ensure lightning-fast loading speeds, boosting your site’s performance and conversion rates.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to enhance your online presence and skyrocket your business success. Grab this amazing deal for only $17 and unlock a world of unlimited possibilities today!

User Coupon: AI HostMaker3OFF

AI HostMaker OTO 1: PREMIUM EDITION – $47 (One-Time Payment)

User Coupon: AI HostMaker3OFF

Unlock the ultimate protection for your valuable data with built-in malware protection. Safeguard your websites from any malware threats and hackers, ensuring the security of your online presence.

Additionally, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with automated daily backups of all your website’s data, including files, images, videos, and graphics.

With the “unlimited everything” package, professional marketers gain access to unlimited websites, domains, bandwidth, email accounts, database storage, and enhanced protection.

Take advantage of the commercial license to sell hosting services to clients and effortlessly earn profits. Discover even more incredible features and benefits that will elevate your online ventures to new heights.

AI HostMaker OTO 2: CLOUD DRIVE – $47 (One-Time Payment)

User Coupon: AI HostMaker3OFF

Take your storage capabilities to the next level with the advanced cloud storage system. Seamlessly store, backup, upload, access, and share unlimited files of any kind, whether it’s documented, audio, videos, images, or graphics. Benefit from automated backups for all your files, ensuring their safety and accessibility.

The drag-and-drop file uploader simplifies the process of uploading files in minutes. Enjoy the convenience of accessing your data from anywhere in the world and generate shareable links with expiry dates.

With password-protected and permission-based shareable links, you have complete control over your file sharing. Experience unlimited bandwidth and discover the true power of efficient cloud storage.

AI HostMaker OTO 3: WEBSITE BUILDER – $37 (One-Time Payment)

User Coupon: AI HostMaker3OFF

Experience the convenience of the premium website builder that allows you to effortlessly create stunning sites in just minutes, without requiring any technical skills. This comprehensive package comes loaded with 2000 ready-to-use website templates, a user-friendly live editor, and advanced drag-and-drop features.

With the click of a button, you can download your entire project, granting you flexibility and control. Explore the layout editor, elements, code editors, templates, and much more, empowering you to craft professional-grade websites quickly and easily.

AI HostMaker OTO 4: WEB CONVERSIONS – $37 (One-Time Payment)

User Coupon: AI HostMaker3OFF

Maximize your conversions and profits with the advanced tracking tool. Experience the skyrocketing impact it can have on your business growth.

Enjoy easy setup and integration on any website, along with the flexibility of unlimited campaigns and notifications impressions per month. Take your business to new heights with this game-changing tracking tool.

AI HostMaker OTO 5: SEO TOOLS – $27 (One-Time Payment)

User Coupon: AI HostMaker3OFF

Boost your site rankings and conversions with the all-in-one SEO tool. Gain access to a comprehensive range of features including link analysis, unlimited malware scans, bulk URL shortener, keyword analysis with suggestions, IP analysis, and index checking, unlimited social network analysis, website analysis, and visitor analysis.

Unleash the potential of your website with this powerful SEO tool and achieve greater visibility and success.

AI HostMaker OTO 6: AGENCY EDITION – $247 (One-Time Payment)

User Coupon: AI HostMaker3OFF

Gain access to the agency license, enabling you to sell AI HostMaker services to your local clients effortlessly. Create your own custom hosting accounts, design your own hosting plans, and even upload your own logo. With this license, you have the freedom to expand your business and provide hosting services to your clients with ease.

AI HostMaker OTO 7: RESELLERS EDITION – $97 (One-Time Payment)

 User Coupon: AI HostMaker3OFF

The reseller license empowers you to sell AI HostMaker, including the FE and all OTOs while retaining 100% of the profits. Seize this opportunity to generate significant revenue by offering AI HostMaker services to your audience.

With this license, you become the ultimate reseller, capitalizing on the full potential of AI HostMaker and maximizing your financial gains.

AI HostMaker OTO 8: AI HostMaker Agency

User Coupon: AI HostMaker3OFF


  • How many websites I can host with AI HostMaker? UNLIMITED – You can host unlimited websites & domains without any restrictions & additional charges.
  • Do they have to pay a monthly subscription fee for AI HostMaker? RIGHT NOW…NO! currently you can get access to AI HostMaker at a ONE-TIME cost but after this launch special offer ends, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee for it.
  • How long is this special offer available? This mind-blowing offer ends 9th October 2021 @Midnight EST. After that, AI HostMaker will be available at monthly subscription payment only.
  • Please explain your money-back guarantee. They are backing AI HostMaker with an iron-clad 30-day money-back guarantee. That means in any case if you are not satisfied with their product, you can drop them an email & they will refund your entire amount to you.
  • Is training & support included in this one-time payment? YES. They have included step-by-step training resources that you can access with this purchase, also their technical experts are available 24*7 to help you out with any issues you have.
  • Can I move my existing website to AI HostMaker? YES, Absolutely, Without Any Restrictions & Tech Skills. They have also included a step-by-step training guide for the same to help you get going in no time.


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